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IDataSourceProvider Interface

Defines an interface that a control designer can implement to provide access to a data source.

For a list of all members of this type, see IDataSourceProvider Members.

[Visual Basic]
Public Interface IDataSourceProvider
public interface IDataSourceProvider
public __gc __interface IDataSourceProvider
public interface IDataSourceProvider

Classes that Implement IDataSourceProvider

Class Description
BaseDataListDesigner Provides a base designer class for the DataGrid and DataList Web server control.
ListControlDesigner Extends design-time behavior for ListControl Web server controls.


Any class that can provide a data source can implement this interface to enable access to its data source by objects that use the IDataSourceProvider interface. This interface is used by DataFieldConverter and DataMemberConverter classes.


[Visual Basic] The following code example shows a custom class, named TemplatedListDesigner, that inherits the TemplatedControlDesigner class and implements the IDataSourceProvider interface.

[Visual Basic] 
' Create a custom designer, named TemplatedListDesigner, that
' derives from the TemplatedControlDesigner class and implements
' the IDataSourceProvider interface.
Imports System
Imports System.Collections
Imports System.ComponentModel
Imports System.ComponentModel.Design
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Diagnostics
Imports System.Web.UI
Imports System.Web.UI.Design
Imports System.Web.UI.WebControls
Imports Examples.AspNet

Namespace Examples.AspNet.Design

   Public Class TemplatedListDesigner
      Inherits TemplatedControlDesigner
      Implements IDataSourceProvider
      ' Declare variables.
      Private dummyDataTable As DataTable
      Private designTimeDataTable As DataTable
      Private templateVerbs() As TemplateEditingVerb
      Private templateVerbsDirty As Boolean
      ' When an instance of this class is created,
      ' a Boolean property, named templateVerbsDirty, 
      ' is set to True.
      Public Sub New()
         templateVerbsDirty = True
      End Sub
      Public Overrides ReadOnly Property AllowResize() As Boolean
            ' When templates are not defined, render a read-only,
            ' fixed-size block. Once templates are defined or
            ' are being edited, the control allows resizing.
            Return TemplatesExist Or InTemplateMode
         End Get
      End Property

      ' Create a design-time DataSource property that 
      ' tracks to a key with the same name in the control's
      ' DataBindingCollection.      
      Public Property DataSource() As String
            Dim binding As DataBinding = DataBindings("DataSource")
            If Not (binding Is Nothing) Then
               Return binding.Expression
            End If
            Return [String].Empty
         End Get
            If value Is Nothing Or value.Length = 0 Then
               Dim binding As DataBinding = DataBindings("DataSource")
               If binding Is Nothing Then
                  binding = New DataBinding("DataSource", GetType(IEnumerable), value)
                  binding.Expression = value
               End If
            End If
         End Set
      End Property

      ' Override the DesignTimeHtmlRequiresLoadComplete property.      
      Public Overrides ReadOnly Property DesignTimeHtmlRequiresLoadComplete() As Boolean
            ' If there is a data source, look it up in the container
            ' and require the document to be loaded completely.
            Return DataSource.Length <> 0
         End Get
      End Property

      ' Create a read-only property that determines whether the control
      ' is using templates at design time.      
      Protected ReadOnly Property TemplatesExist() As Boolean
            Return Not (CType(Component, TemplatedList).ItemTemplate Is Nothing)
         End Get
      End Property
      ' Override the CreateTemplateEditingFrame method to 
      ' provide a frame in which to manipulate
      ' templates at design time. 
      Protected Overrides Function CreateTemplateEditingFrame( _
        verb As TemplateEditingVerb) As ITemplateEditingFrame
         Dim teService As ITemplateEditingService = _
          CType(GetService(GetType(ITemplateEditingService)), ITemplateEditingService)
         Debug.Assert( Not (teService Is Nothing), _
          "How did we get this far without an ITemplateEditingService?")
         Debug.Assert((verb.Index = 0))
         Dim templateNames() As String = {"ItemTemplate"}
         Dim templateStyles() As Style = {CType(Component, TemplatedList).ItemStyle}
         Dim editingFrame As ITemplateEditingFrame = _
          teService.CreateFrame( _
           Me, verb.Text, templateNames, CType(Component, TemplatedList).ControlStyle, templateStyles)
         Return editingFrame
      End Function

      ' Override the Dispose method to release resources associated
      ' with this designer.
      Protected  Overloads Overrides Sub Dispose(disposing As Boolean)
        If disposing
        End If
      End Sub
      ' Create a method that releases resources used by the
      ' designer verbs associated with design-time templates.
      Private Sub DisposeTemplateVerbs()
         If Not (templateVerbs Is Nothing) Then
            templateVerbs = Nothing
            templateVerbsDirty = True
         End If
      End Sub
      ' Override the GetCachedTemplateEditingVerbs method to check
      ' whether the verbs have been changed. If they have, a new
      ' collection of verbs is created for use with this designer.     
      Protected Overrides Function GetCachedTemplateEditingVerbs() As TemplateEditingVerb()
         If templateVerbsDirty = True Then
            templateVerbs = New TemplateEditingVerb(1) {}
            templateVerbs(0) = New TemplateEditingVerb("Item Template", 0, Me)
            templateVerbsDirty = False
         End If
         Return templateVerbs
      End Function
      Protected Function GetDesignTimeDataSource(minimumRows As Integer, ByRef dummyDataSource As Boolean) As IEnumerable
         dummyDataSource = False
         Dim selectedDataSource As IEnumerable = CType(Me, IDataSourceProvider).GetResolvedSelectedDataSource()
         Dim dataTable As DataTable = designTimeDataTable
         ' Use the data table corresponding to the selected data source 
         ' if possible.
         If dataTable Is Nothing Then
            If Not (selectedDataSource Is Nothing) Then
               designTimeDataTable = DesignTimeData.CreateSampleDataTable(selectedDataSource)
               dataTable = designTimeDataTable
            End If
            If dataTable Is Nothing Then
               ' Fall back on a dummy data source if a sample data-table cannot be created.
               If dummyDataTable Is Nothing Then
                  dummyDataTable = DesignTimeData.CreateDummyDataTable()
               End If
               dataTable = dummyDataTable
               dummyDataSource = True
            End If
         End If
         Dim liveDataSource As IEnumerable = DesignTimeData.GetDesignTimeDataSource(dataTable, minimumRows)
         Return liveDataSource
      End Function
      ' Override the GetDesignTimeHtml method to display templates
      ' in the designer if they exist.
      Public Overrides Function GetDesignTimeHtml() As String
         Dim control As TemplatedList = CType(Component, TemplatedList)
         Dim designTimeHtml As String = Nothing
         Dim hasATemplate As Boolean = Me.TemplatesExist
         If hasATemplate Then
            Dim dummyDataSource As Boolean
            Dim designTimeDataSource As IEnumerable = GetDesignTimeDataSource(5, dummyDataSource)
               control.DataSource = designTimeDataSource
               designTimeHtml = MyBase.GetDesignTimeHtml()
               control.DataSource = Nothing
            End Try
            designTimeHtml = GetEmptyDesignTimeHtml()
         End If
         Return designTimeHtml
      End Function
      ' Override the GetEmptyDesignTimeHtml to check whether 
      ' template mode can be used from the designer, and provide
      ' display messages for both cases.      
      Protected Overrides Function GetEmptyDesignTimeHtml() As String
         Dim textValue As String
         If CanEnterTemplateMode Then
            textValue = "Right click and choose a set of templates to edit their content.<br>The ItemTemplate is required."
            textValue = "Switch to HTML view to edit the control's templates.<br>The ItemTemplate is required."
         End If
         Return CreatePlaceHolderDesignTimeHtml(textValue)
      End Function

      ' Override the GetErrorDesignTimeHtml to display an
      ' error message if an error occurs in design-time rendering of
      ' the control.      
      Protected Overrides Function GetErrorDesignTimeHtml(e As Exception) As String
         Return CreatePlaceHolderDesignTimeHtml("There was an error rendering the control.<br>Make sure all properties are valid.")
      End Function
      ' Override the GetTemplateContainerDataSource to return the 
      ' data source to be used by the templated control.    
      Public Overrides Function GetTemplateContainerDataSource(templateName As String) As IEnumerable
         Return CType(Me, IDataSourceProvider).GetResolvedSelectedDataSource()
      End Function
      Public Overrides Function GetTemplateContainerDataItemProperty(templateName As String) As String
         Return "DataItem"
      End Function
      ' Override the GetTemplateContent method to return the content
      ' contained in the template.
      Public Overrides Function GetTemplateContent(editingFrame As ITemplateEditingFrame, templateName As String, ByRef allowEditing As Boolean) As String
         ' Ensure that the designer verb is first in the collection
         ' and that the name of the template is ItemTemplate.
         Debug.Assert((editingFrame.Verb.Index = 0))
         allowEditing = True
         Dim template As ITemplate = CType(Component, TemplatedList).ItemTemplate
         Dim templateContent As String = [String].Empty
         ' If the template is already created, use the text
         ' already created for it.
         If Not (template Is Nothing) Then
            templateContent = GetTextFromTemplate(template)
         End If
         Return templateContent
      End Function
      ' Override the OnComponentChanged method to change
      ' the control's DataSource or styles in the designer.
      Public Overrides Sub OnComponentChanged(sender As Object, e As ComponentChangedEventArgs)
         If Not (e.Member Is Nothing) Then
            Dim memberName As String = e.Member.Name
            If memberName.Equals("DataSource") Or memberName.Equals("DataMember") Then
               If memberName.Equals("ItemStyle") Then
               End If
            End If
         End If 
         MyBase.OnComponentChanged(sender, e)
      End Sub
      ' Create a method that sets the data table 
      ' associated with the templates to nothing.
      Protected Overridable Sub OnDataSourceChanged()
         designTimeDataTable = Nothing
      End Sub
      ' Create a method that determines whether the designer
      ' verbs associated with the control's templates have
      ' changed.
      Protected Sub OnStylesChanged()
      End Sub
      ' Create a method that notifies all callers
      ' that the designer verbs collection has changed.
      Protected Sub OnTemplateEditingVerbsChanged()
         templateVerbsDirty = True
      End Sub
      ' Override the PreFilterProperties method to allow the DataSource
      ' associated with the control to be described in the designer.
      Protected Overrides Sub PreFilterProperties(properties As IDictionary)
         Dim prop As PropertyDescriptor
         prop = CType(properties("DataSource"), PropertyDescriptor)
         Debug.Assert(( Not (prop Is Nothing)))
         prop = TypeDescriptor.CreateProperty( _
           Me.GetType(), prop, New Attribute() {New TypeConverterAttribute(GetType(DataSourceConverter))})
         properties("DataSource") = prop
      End Sub
      ' Override the SetTemplateContent method to check whether the template
      ' exists. If it does, set its content to the value already created for it.
      Public Overrides Sub SetTemplateContent( _
        editingFrame As ITemplateEditingFrame, _
        templateName As String, _
        templateContent As String)
         Debug.Assert((editingFrame.Verb.Index = 0))
         Dim template As ITemplate = Nothing
         If Not (templateContent Is Nothing) And templateContent.Length <> 0 Then
            template = GetTemplateFromText(templateContent)
         End If
         CType(Component, TemplatedList).ItemTemplate = template
      End Sub

      ' Create a method that implements the 
      ' IDataSourceProvider.GetResolvedSelectedDataSource method.
      ' It converts the object returned from the GetSelectedDataSource
      ' method into an IEnumberable object to allow iteration over
      ' the returned object.
      Function GetResolvedSelectedDataSource() As IEnumerable _
       Implements IDataSourceProvider.GetResolvedSelectedDataSource
         Return CType(CType(Me, IDataSourceProvider).GetSelectedDataSource(), IEnumerable)
      End Function
      ' Create a method that implements the 
      ' IDataSourceProvider.GetSelectedDataSource method. 
      ' Return the data source as an IEnumerable object,
      ' if possible.     
      Function GetSelectedDataSource() As Object _
       Implements IDataSourceProvider.GetSelectedDataSource
         Dim selectedDataSource As Object = Nothing
         Dim dataSource As String = Nothing
         Dim binding As DataBinding = DataBindings("DataSource")
         If Not (binding Is Nothing) Then
            dataSource = binding.Expression
         End If
         If Not (dataSource Is Nothing) Then
            Dim componentSite As ISite = Component.Site
            If Not (componentSite Is Nothing) Then
               Dim container As IContainer = CType(componentSite.GetService(GetType(IContainer)), IContainer)
               If Not (container Is Nothing) Then
                  Dim comp As IComponent = container.Components(dataSource)
                  If TypeOf comp Is IEnumerable Then
                     selectedDataSource = comp
                  End If
               End If
            End If
         End If
         Return selectedDataSource
      End Function
   End Class
End Namespace

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Namespace: System.Web.UI.Design

Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

Assembly: System.Design (in System.Design.dll)

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