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How to: Modify the Default SOAP Formatting for an Entire Web Service

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This procedure describes how to modify the default SOAP formatting for an entire Web Service.

To set the default method formatting style for a Web service

  • Apply either a SoapRpcService attribute or a SoapDocumentService attribute to the class implementing the Web service.

    The following code example sets the method formatting style to Document and the default parameter formatting to Literal, and specifies that the parameters must be encapsulated within a single element.

    <%@ WebService Language="C#" Class="SoapDocumentServiceSample" %>
     using System.Web.Services;
     using System.Web.Services.Protocols;
     using System.Web.Services.Description;
    public class SoapDocumentServiceSample  
        [ WebMethod ]
        public string UseDefaultEncoding(Address MyAddress, 
                                         bool useZipPlus4) 
         return "Use the default encodings for this Web service.";

    <%@ WebService Language="VB" Class="SoapDocumentServiceSample" %>
    Imports System.Web.Services
    Imports System.Xml.Serialization
    Imports System.Web.Services.Protocols
    Imports System.Web.Services.Description
    < SoapDocumentService(Use := SoapBindingUse.Literal, _
                          ParameterStyle := SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped)> _
    Public Class SoapDocumentServiceSample
      < WebMethod > _
      Public Function UseDefaultEncoding(MyAddress as Address, _
                                         useZipPlus4 As Boolean) As String 
         Return "Use the default formattings for this Web service."
      End Function
    End Class 

    The XML portion of the SOAP request expected by the UseDefaultEncoding Web service method follows.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi=""
        <UseDefaultEncoding xmlns="">
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