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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


The DDX_IPAddress function manages the transfer of data between an IP Address control and a data member of the control view object.

void AFXAPI DDX_IPAddress(
   CDataExchange* pDX,
   int nIDC,
   DWORD& value 


A pointer to a CDataExchange object. The framework supplies this object to establish the context of the data exchange, including its direction.
The resource ID of the IP Address control associated with the control property.
A reference to the DWORD containing the four-field value of the IP Address control. The fields are filled or read as follows.
Field Bits containing the field value
3 0 through 7
2 8 through 15
1 16 through 23
0 24 through 31

Use the Win32 IPM_GETADDRESS to read the value, or use IPM_SETADDRESS to fill the value. These messages are described in the Platform SDK.


When DDX_IPAddress is called, value is either read from the IP Address control, or value is written to the control, depending on the direction of the exchange.

For more information about DDX, see Dialog Data Exchange and Validation.

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