This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this function to specify a format in which data is offered during data transfer operations.

void DelayRenderData(
   CLIPFORMAT cfFormat,
   LPFORMATETC lpFormatEtc = NULL 



The Clipboard format in which the data is to be offered. This parameter can be one of the predefined Clipboard formats or the value returned by the native Windows RegisterClipboardFormat function.


Points to a FORMATETC structure describing the format in which the data is to be offered. Provide a value for this parameter if you want to specify additional format information beyond the Clipboard format specified by cfFormat. If it is NULL, default values are used for the other fields in the FORMATETC structure.

This function provides the data using delayed rendering, so the data is not supplied immediately. The OnRenderData or OnRenderGlobalData member function is called to request the data.

Use this function if you are not going to supply your data through a CFile object. If you are going to supply the data through a CFile object, call the DelayRenderFileData member function. For more information on delayed rendering as handled by MFC, see the article Data Objects and Data Sources: Manipulation.

To use immediate rendering, call the CacheData or CacheGlobalData member function.

For more information, see the FORMATETC structure in the Platform SDK.

For more information, see RegisterClipboardFormat in the Platform SDK.