Attributes by Usage
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Attributes by Usage

This topic lists attributes according to the C++ language elements to which they apply.

If an attribute precedes a Visual C++ element that is not in the attribute's scope, the attribute block is treated as a comment.

Attribute Description
Module Attributes Applies to the module attribute.
Interface Attributes Applies to the __interface C++ keyword.
Class Attributes Applies to the C++ keyword.
Method Attributes Applies to the methods in a class, coclass, or interface.
Parameter Attributes Applies to parameters of a method in a class or interface.
Data Member Attributes Applies to the data members in a class, coclass, or interface.
Typedef, Enum, Union, and Struct Attributes Applies to the C++ keywords.
Array Attributes Applies to arrays or SAFEARRAYs.
Stand-Alone Attributes Operates more like a line of code but does not operate on a C++ keyword. Stand-alone attribute statements require a semicolon at the end of the line.

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