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Call the SetDrawAspect member function to set the "aspect," or view, of the item.

      virtual void SetDrawAspect(
   DVASPECT nDrawAspect 


A value from the DVASPECT enumeration. This parameter can have one of the following values:

  • DVASPECT_CONTENT   Item is represented in such a way that it can be displayed as an embedded object inside its container.

  • DVASPECT_THUMBNAIL   Item is rendered in a "thumbnail" representation so that it can be displayed in a browsing tool.

  • DVASPECT_ICON   Item is represented by an icon.

  • DVASPECT_DOCPRINT   Item is represented as if it were printed using the Print command from the File menu.

The aspect specifies how the item is to be rendered by Draw when the default value for that function's nDrawAspect argument is used.

This function is called automatically by the Change Icon (and other dialogs that call the Change Icon dialog directly) to enable the iconic display aspect when requested by the user.


Header: afxole.h