This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Add Class Dialog Box

The Add Class dialog box contains templates that allow you to:

- or -

  • Automatically create your new class by adding the appropriate files and source code to your project.

You can access the Add Class dialog box from the Project menu, Solution Explorer, or Class View.


When you attempt to add a class that is not suited to your current project, you will receive an error message. Click OK to return to the Add Class dialog box.

There are four categories of Add Class templates: .NET, ATL, MFC, and Generic. When you select a template in the Templates pane, text describing your selection will appear under the Categories and Templates panes.




ASP.NET Web Service

Not available

Component Class (.NET)

Not available

Installer Class (.NET)

Not available

User Control (.NET)

Not available

Windows Form (.NET)

Not available




Add ATL Support to MFC

Not available

ATL Active Server Page Component

ATL Active Server Page Component Wizard

ATL Control

ATL Control Wizard

ATL Dialog

ATL Dialog Wizard

ATL COM+ 1.0 Component

ATL COM+ 1.0 Component Wizard

ATL OLEDB Consumer

ATL OLE DB Consumer Wizard

ATL OLEDB Provider

ATL OLE DB Provider Wizard

ATL Property Page

ATL Property Page Wizard

ATL Simple Object

ATL Simple Object Wizard

WMI Event Provider

WMI Event Provider Wizard

WMI Instance Provider

WMI Instance Provider Wizard




MFC Class

MFC Class Wizard

MFC Class From ActiveX Control

Add Class From ActiveX Control Wizard

MFC Class From TypeLib

Add Class From Typelib Wizard

MFC ODBC Consumer

MFC ODBC Consumer Wizard

Generic Classes



Generic C++ Class

Generic C++ Class Wizard