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How to: Debug a 64-bit Application Dump

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Visual Studio supports the debugging of crash dumps from 64-bit applications. Debugging 64-bit crash dumps requires access to a 64-bit machine, either locally or by remote debugging. The following procedures explain how to generate and debug a dump file for a 64-bit application. This will require moving the dump file from the 64-bit machine to a 32-bit machine. Dump files can be quite large, especially if you save the file as Minidump with Heap. Saving the dump file as Minidump without the heap will generate a smaller file, but Visual Studio will not be able to load symbols and debug unless it has access to the binaries.


Remote debugging is not necessary if you have Visual Studio installed on a 64-bit machine and are able to debug locally.

To save a dump file for a 64-bit application

  1. On the Debug menu, click Attach to Process.

  2. In the Attach to Process dialog box, choose the remote machine where the 64-bit application is running, and select the process corresponding to the application. For more information, see How to: Attach to a Running Process.

  3. Click OK.

  4. On the Debug menu, click Break to break the 64-bit process.

  5. On the Debug menu, click Save Dump As.

  6. In the Save Dump As dialog box, click Minidump or Minidump with Heap in the Save as type list.

  7. Use the navigation controls to choose a save location. This location will be on the remote machine, and the path is as it appears from the remote machine.

  8. Click Save.

To load a dump file for a 64-bit application

  1. Install the dump file on a 64-bit machine running msvsmon.

  2. On a 32-bit machine, launch Visual Studio.

  3. In Solution Explorer, select a C++ project.

  4. On the Project menu, click Properties.

  5. In the Property Pages dialog box, go to the tree control, and under Configuration Properties, click Debugging.

  6. On the Debugger to Launch list, click Remote Windows Debugger.

  7. Change Remote Server Name to the name of the 64-bit machine with the dump file.

  8. In the Remote Command box, specify the path to the dump file.

  9. Begin debugging as normal, and the debugger will launch the dump file on the remote 64-bit machine.