Application Settings, ATL Project Wizard 

Use the Application Settings page of the ATL Project Wizard to design and add basic features to a new ATL project.


This option is not selected by default. It specifies to create an ATL project that uses attributes. When you select this option, the module attribute is inserted into your project's .cpp file. This attribute automatically implements DllMain, DllRegisterServer, DllUnregisterServer, DllGetClassObject, and DllCanUnloadNow. The ATL Project Wizard generates two projects: a framework ATL DLL project with attribute support (called ProjName) and a proxy/stub project (called ProjNamePS).

An attributed project does not allow support for MFC or merging of proxy/stub code.

Other ATL wizards that insert objects and controls into a project use attributed code by default.

See Basic Mechanics of Attributes for more information.

Server type

Choose from one of three server types:

Dynamic-link library (DLL)

Select to create an in-process server.

Executable (EXE)

Select to create a local out-of-process server. This option does not allow support for MFC or COM+ 1.0. It does not allow for the merging of proxy/stub code.

Service (EXE)

Select to create a Windows application that runs in the background when Windows starts. This option does not allow support for MFC or COM+ 1.0 or does not allow for the merging of proxy/stub code.

Additional options


All additional options are available for DLL projects only.

Allow merging of proxy/stub code

Select the Allow merging of proxy/stub code check box as a convenience when marshaling interfaces is required. This option places the MIDL-generated proxy and stub code in the same DLL as the server.

Support MFC

Select to specify that your object includes MFC support. This option links your project to the MFC libraries so that you can access any of the classes and functions they contain.

Support COM+ 1.0

Select to modify the project build settings to support COM+ 1.0 components. In addition to the standard list of libraries, the wizard adds the COM+ 1.0 component-specific library comsvcs.lib

In addition, the mtxex.dll is delay loaded on the host system when your application is launched.

  • Support component registrar   If your ATL project contains support for COM+ 1.0 components, you can set this option. The component registrar allows your COM+ 1.0 object to get a list of components, register components, or unregister components (individually or all at once).

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