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CAtlAutoThreadModule Class
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CAtlAutoThreadModule Class

This class implements a thread-pooled, apartment-model COM server.

Important note Important

This class and its members cannot be used in applications that execute in the Windows Runtime.

class CAtlAutoThreadModule : 
public CAtlAutoThreadModuleT< CAtlAutoThreadModule >

CAtlAutoThreadModule derives from CAtlAutoThreadModuleT and implements a thread-pooled, apartment-model COM server. CAtlAutoThreadModule uses CComApartment to manage an apartment for each thread in the module.

You must use the DECLARE_CLASSFACTORY_AUTO_THREAD macro in your object's class definition to specify CComClassFactoryAutoThread as the class factory. You should then add a single instance of a class derived from CAtlAutoThreadModuleT such as CAtlAutoThreadModule. For example:

CAtlAutoThreadModule _AtlAutoModule; // name is immaterial.

Note Note

This class replaces the obsolete CComAutoThreadModule class.




Header: atlbase.h

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