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Compiler Error CS1654

Cannot modify members of 'variable' because it is a 'read-only variable type'

This error occurs when you try to modify members of a variable which is read-only because it is in a special construct.

One common area that this occurs is within foreach loops. It is a compile-time error to modify the value of the collection elements. Therefore, you cannot make any modifications to elements that are value types, including structs. In a collection whose elements are reference types, you can modify accessible members of each element, but any try to add or remove or replace complete elements will generate Compiler Error CS1656.

The following example generates error CS1654 because Book is a struct. To fix the error, change the struct to a class.

using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;

namespace CS1654

    struct Book
        public string Title;
        public string Author;
        public double Price;
        public Book(string t, string a, double p)


    class Program
        List<Book> list;
        static void Main(string[] args)
             //Use a collection initializer to initialize the list
            Program prog = new Program();
            prog.list = new List<Book>();
            prog.list.Add(new Book ("The C# Programming Language",
                                    "Hejlsberg, Wiltamuth, Golde",
            prog.list.Add(new Book ("The C++ Programming Language",
            prog.list.Add(new Book ("The C Programming Language",
                                    "Kernighan, Ritchie",
            foreach(Book b in prog.list)
                //Compile error if Book is a struct
                //Make Book a class to modify its members
                b.Price +=9.95; // CS1654


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