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Volume 16, Number 14 | June 11, 2012

 Top Stories 
Download the Windows 8 Release Preview
Read Steven Sinofsky's post, Delivering the Windows 8 Release Preview, which provides information about the pre-release including Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, new Windows 8 apps for connecting to Hotmail, SkyDrive, Messenger, and more.

IaaS! Linux and Java! Cloud VPN! Meet the New Windows Azure
On June 7, ScottGu showcased the latest cloud developments from Windows Azure: greater platform and language support, and increased flexibility for architecting, building, and deploying apps. If you like IaaS, you will love our Windows Azure Virtual Machines. Need Linux and Java support? Sure. Try it all today: get your free MSDN cloud benefits and learn Windows Azure.

Building HTML5 Applications: CSS3 Effects, Transitions, and Animations
CSS3 and HTML5 eliminate the need for the image and JavaScript gymnastics of the past. You can build smooth interactions and beautiful experiences with simple declarative markup.
Willy-Peter Schaub

Visual Studio ALM Rangers

ALM Ranger for this Issue - Willy-Peter Schaub

In this post we will glance at some of the recent highlights and focus on the most frequently asked questions we receive in terms of the ALM Rangers program, including who we are, where to find the latest news, solutions, publications, and more. Read more...

Who are the ALM Rangers? | ALM Ranger Solutions

Your Featured Content
Accessing the Camera in a Windows 8 Metro Style App using HTML and JavaScript
Join Microsoft Developer Evangelist David Isbitski as he takes you through a multi-part journey on creating Windows 8 Metro Style apps using HTML and JavaScript. In this installment, learn how to access the camera on a Windows 8 device and use it in your own app.

Why Developers Should Care About Design, and How Metro Helps
Learn why developers should spend time building their design skills, as well as some background on the evolution of the Metro design language. In " Designing Metro Style: Being the Best on Windows 8 ," learn how a "best at" statement can help you focus on what's most important in your Metro style app.

MCSD Certification Rebuilt for the New World of the Cloud and the App Marketplace
The MCSD: Windows Metro Style Apps certification is for developers who want the skills to create genius apps in an exploding marketplace. Gain the skills you need to develop Windows Metro style apps by achieving this new MCSD.

360 Degree-Agility with Visual Studio 11: Agile Planning Tools
June 14, 2012, Noon Pacific Time
Visual Studio 11 Ultimate provides out-of-the-box agile planning tools to optimize the development process at your own pace. Reconcile the agile team with your company's project management by using Project Server integration.

Driving Continuous Improvement
June 21, 2012, 8:30 A.M. Pacific Time
Building upon the integration story of developers, testers, and project managers, Visual Studio 11 tightly integrates stakeholders and operations to provide the opportunity to take continuous improvement even further. Buckle up as we demonstrate integration between TFS, Project Server, and System Center.

Save the Date: Watch Learn Live from TechEd
Tune in to Learn for a technical deep dive into the latest functionality. Watch the entire day of live streamed sessions, or select the topics you’re most interested in.

MSDN Virtual Lab: Visio: Using Visio with SharePoint Workflow
After completing this lab, you will be better able to create a SharePoint workflow diagram using the SharePoint Workflow template in Visio 2010 Premium, validate a SharePoint workflow diagram and fix any validation issues, export a SharePoint workflow diagram to SharePoint Designer, and more.





MSDN Webcast Series: Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps
Catch this on-demand MSDN webcast series to learn about the new platform for building Windows 8 Metro style applications. Gain an understanding of platform design tenets, programming language choices, and integration points with the operating system and across Metro style apps.

Bytes by MSDN: Scott Hunter and Tim Huckaby Talk Open Source Software
Hear the exciting news about open sourcing MVC, web API, and ASP.NET web pages. Learn about the open source process, coding standards, and what happens when new code is submitted. For more, check out ASP.NET components on CodePlex using Git, and download Visual Studio 2012 RC.

Integrating Production Support into ALM
June 12, 2012, 11:00 A.M. Pacific Time
Successful applications spend most of their life in maintenance. In this session, we'll discuss and demonstrate how operations management can be integrated into the application lifecycle.

A Day in the Life: Developer Enhancements with Visual Studio 2011
June 19, 11:00 A.M. Pacific Time
The next version of Visual Studio is rich with new tools that enhance standard developer activities. In this session we'll review and demonstrate some of these new features, such as unit testing, code reviews, Code Clones and other developer tools.

TFS in the Cloud
June 25, 2012, 11:00 A.M. Pacific Time
Learn how to offload your ALM infrastructure to a supported infrastructure in the cloud, and what to consider before making that move.

Go to Camp: Worldwide Developer Camps This June
Through June, worldwide or on-demand Windows Azure Developer Camps are free, hands-on workshops created for developers, delivered by developers. Learn how to use the latest Windows Azure features and services to build and move a variety of apps to the cloud.

MSDN Virtual Lab: Office 365: Leveraging Excel Services in SharePoint Online
After completing this lab, you will be better able to create Chart web parts.

Bytes by MSDN: Jason Zander and Tim Huckaby Talk Visual Studio
Jason Zander, Corporate Vice-President for Visual Studio, talks about application lifecycle management and shares the tips and tricks he is most excited about. Download Visual Studio 2012 RC




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Exia Software - Software Development Team Collaboration for TFS
Development leads appreciate Exia's speedy time to market, reduced project confusion, and the elimination of release errors enabled by Exia's real-time project visibility of project content and status for the entire team. Try it today.

Microsoft Office Support Added to ImageGear for .NET
Support 100 file formats including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; additionally, convert these formats to raster image formats and SVG.

Cloud Resources

• New to Azure? Try out the Learning Path.
• Creating Windows 8 Metro style apps? Get the Windows Azure SDK for Windows 8.
• Get specific technical and business guidance with 30 to Launch | Windows Azure.
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•  ScriptJunkie (DHTML)
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Government Resources

Mobile America - the People Hackathon: Through July 31, 2012
Join a nationwide mobile application development campaign today to bring citizens and developers together to build MOBILE AMERICA. Mobile America - the people hackathon is inspired by America itself - an event for the people, by the people. Develop an app or app prototype that contributes to America, using Microsoft Windows Phone, Windows Azure or Windows 8, to win prizes! Visit today to learn more about the hackathon and how you can participate.

More government resources

News for Students

Get developing with this easy ASP.NET tutorial.
Need a refresher course, or an introduction course to ASP.NET?

Build your very own #WP7 Twitter app!
Building a #WP7 Twitter app? … Want to build a #WP7 Twitter app? Here is a tutorial to help you out.

Are you ready for the Windows 8 release?
The wait is over! Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview is now available. Download it now.

Ever hear the saying, "Everything's better with music?"
Jazz up your Windows 8 Metro Style app with some music.
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