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ATL Server Library Reference 
CHtmlTagReplacer Class 

This class acts as the link between CStencil-derived classes and CRequestHandlerT and provides stencil caching.

template <
   class THandler,
   class StencilType = CHtmlStencil
class CHtmlTagReplacer :
   public ITagReplacerImpl< THandler >



A class derived from CHtmlTagReplacer.


The type of stencil handled by this class. This class is expected to supply the following members:

It is also expected to be able to be statically cast to IMemoryCacheClient

This class manages CStencil-derived objects used for handling HTTP requests. This class will retrieve CStencil-derived objects from the stencil cache, store CStencil-derived objects in the stencil cache, and allocate and initialize CStencil-derived objects on a per request basis. Typically, this classed is passed as a template parameter to CRequestHandlerT where it is used as a base class.

Header: atlstencil.h