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ATL Server Library Reference 
CDBSessionServiceImplT Class 

This class provides a database-backed session-state implementation for use within ATL Server ISAPI extension DLLs.

template < class TDBSession = CDBSession >
class CDBSessionServiceImplT



Name of the class used for database access. If no class is given, a class providing default behavior is used.

The CDBSessionServiceImplT class provides the implementation for database-backed ATL Server session-state support. Used as a template argument to the CSessionStateService class, CDBSessionServiceImplT provides the database support necessary to manage session-state data. The CDBSessionServiceImplT class uses OLEDB to communicate with the persistence database, and was designed for use with a SQL server based database, but will also work with other types of databases that have OLEDB providers, such as Access. See Session-State Database Schema for a description of how ATL Server stores session-state data.

As an implementation class, CDBSessionServiceImplT serves a behind-the-scenes role and should be used in your code only as a template parameter to CSessionStateService. See Providing Session-state Services for more information.

Header: atlsession.h