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ATL Server Library Reference 
ATL Server Reference 

ATL Server is a set of native C++ classes that allows developers to create Web applications, XML Web services, and other server applications. Many classes may also be used in client applications or components.

To start using ATL Server, you can read the ATL Server tutorial, build and run some ATL Server samples, or learn about the ATL Server architecture. Further information about the uses and features of the library is accessible from the ATL Server portal page.

In This Section

ATL Server Categories

Provides links to library elements grouped together by functional similarity.

ATL Server Classes

Provides links to the ATL Server classes, listed alphabetically.

ATL Server Enums

Provides links to the ATL Server enumerations, listed alphabetically.

ATL Server Functions

Provides links to the ATL Server functions, listed alphabetically.

ATL Server Macros

Provides links to the ATL Server macros, listed alphabetically.

ATL Server Typedefs

Provides links to the ATL Server typedefs, listed alphabetically.

ATL Server Archetypes

Provides links to the ATL Server archetypes, which are theoretical classes that supply a collection of methods, data members, static functions, typedefs, or other features, listed alphabetically.

ATL Server Response File Reference

Provides links to the server response file elements.

Session-State Database Schema

Describes how database implementation for ATL Server session-state services works.

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ATL Server Attributes

Provides links to the ATL Server attributes, which inject code to create a Web application or XML Web service request handler or performance monitoring object.

ATL Server Samples

Provides links to samples showing how ATL Server is used.

ATL Server Tutorial

Steps you through creating a simple online store to help you learn the features of ATL Server.

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