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ATL Server Library Reference 
Codepage Tag 

A codepage tag can be added to a server response file (SRF) to indicate the character set used in that file. Specifying the codepage allows the SRF to be parsed correctly if it contains characters that are not part of the ANSI character set.

{{ codepage codepage_id }}

The codepage as a decimal integer or as an ISO- or IANA-defined character set name.

There can be zero or one codepage tag in a single SRF. If present, the codepage tag should appear early in the file to ensure that the rest of the SRF is parsed correctly.

If the codepage tag is not present, the SRF is parsed using the ANSI codepage associated with the default locale or the most recently seen locale specified in a locale tag in the SRF.

Note that UCS-4, UCS-2, and UTF-16 encoded SRFs are not supported. Multilingual responses can be generated using the UTF-8 code page.

See ATL_NO_MLANG for information that can help you minimize dependencies and improve the performance of your request handlers at the cost of removing the ability to specify the codepage and locale as strings.

{{codepage utf-8}}