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Failover Cluster Functions

This section contains the functions of the Failover Cluster API.

In this section

Control Code Functions

Control code functions use control codes as parameters in order to perform cluster operations.

Resource DLL Functions

The Resource DLL functions allow the Cluster service to manage resources indirectly through a Resource Monitor and a resource DLL. These function are only used by resource DLLs, except for the cluster database access functions, which should be avoided by cluster-aware application whenever possible.

Failover Cluster Object Management Functions

The failover cluster object management functions manage failover cluster objects through the Cluster service. These functions are primarily used by cluster-aware applications, and should be avoided by resource DLLs whenever possible.

Failover Cluster Utility Functions

The failover cluster utility functions support a wide range of functionality, from general purpose helper functions to thread and service management functions. Both cluster-aware applications and resource DLLs can use the failover cluster utility functions. However, some utility functions are intended only for use by resource DLLs. Cluster-aware applications should follow the topic standard order of preference before using utility functions intended for resource DLLs.

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