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ATL Server Library Reference 
ATL Server Categories 

The ATL Server reference documentation is broken down into the following categories.

Category Description

ATL Server Framework Reference

Provides the infrastructure used by ATL Server Web applications and XML Web services for integrating with Internet Information Services (IIS), parsing HTTP requests and generating responses. These classes allow the use of Web application DLLs for partitioning functionality within an application and server response files for separating dynamic and static content. The framework classes are typically found in atlisapi.h and atlstencil.h.

Request Handling Reference

Provides attributes, classes, and macros that give you features to use directly for hooking your request handler into ATL Server's framework.

Replacement Method Reference

Provides attributes and macros for the plumbing necessary to implement a replacement method.

Request Handling Statistics Reference

Provides interfaces, classes, and structures that can be used when you need to gather request-handling statistics for your Web applications or XML Web services.

Extension Management Reference

Provides interfaces, classes, structures, and macros that can be used for management functions for your ISAPI extension that are accessible using SOAP or an HTML front end.

Shared Services Reference

Provides interfaces, classes, and macros that can be used to provide an XML Web service for caching shared data.

Session-State Reference

Provides classes and interfaces that allow data to be stored in memory or a database using a common programmatic interface.

SOAP Reference

Provides attributes, classes, structures, and enums that give you code for implementing XML Web services as SOAP request handlers and for making requests as a client to XML Web services written in any language.

Caching Reference

Provides classes, macros, structures, and interfaces cache arbitrary data, files, stencils, and DLLs in atlcache.h.

Cache Cullers Reference

Provides classes and structures use the cache culler archetype and provides code for automatic removal of cache items based on time.

Cache Flushers Reference

Provides classes and structures use the cache flusher archetype and provides code for removal of ache items based on access patterns.

Cache Statistics Reference

Provides classes, interfaces, and macros that use the cache statistics archetype and provide code for collecting cache statistics.

Cryptographic Reference

Provides classes that are a collection of thin wrappers over the CryptoAPI for accessing the cryptographic services provided by Windows and third parties in atlcrypt.h.

Encoding Reference

Provides functions and macros that support encoding in a range of common Internet standards such as Base64, uuencode, hexadecimal, and UTF8 in atlenc.h.

HTML Generation Reference

Provides classes, structures, and macros that give you a lightweight way of writing HTML text to a stream in atlhtml.h.

HTTP Client Reference

Provides code in atlhttp.h that allows generating HTTP responses and requests, allowing lightweight HTTP clients with minimal dependencies to be written in C++.

Performance Monitoring Reference

Provides attributes, classes, and macros in atlperf.h that let you expose performance monitor counters from your applications and services.

MIME & SMTP Reference

Provides classes, enums, and functions that support MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), the standard way of packaging files for transmission by e-mail and HTTP, and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol),the most common way of sending e-mail, in atlmime.h and atlsmtpconnection.h.

Regular Expression Reference

Provides classes, typedefs, and enums in atlrx.h with code that can search text using patterns.

Utilities Reference

Provides code for manipulating paths and URLs in the form of CPathT and CUrl. A thread pool, CThreadPool, is used in the implementation of the ATL Server ISAPI extension class and can also be used in your own applications. This code can be found in atlpath.h and atlutil.h.

Stream Helpers Reference

Provides a number of classes that implement the IStream interface by writing the data to another stream, a WinInet handle, a socket, or a string.

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