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ATL Server Library Reference 
CRequestHandlerT Class 

This class acts as the base class for all user request handlers.

template <
   class THandler,
   class ThreadModel     = CComSingleThreadModel,
   class TagReplacerType = CHtmlTagReplacer< THandler >
class CRequestHandlerT :
   public TagReplacerType,
   public CComObjectRootEx< ThreadModel >,
   public IRequestHandlerImpl< THandler >



A class derived from CRequestHandlerT.


The class whose methods implement the desired threading model.


A class implementing the ITagReplacer interface. Typically CHtmlTagReplacer or a derived class.

This is the base class for all user request handlers. This class provides methods that can be overridden to provide opportunities for you to initialize your request handler ( CheckValidRequest, ValidateAndExchange) or to pass information back to the base classes ( MaxFormSize, FormFlags). It also provides access to the server context ( GetContext), and the request and response objects for the current request ( m_HttpRequest, m_HttpResponse).

Header: atlstencil.h