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Network Load Balancing Provider


Network Load Balancing clusters balance TCP/IP connection loads across multiple ports and servers according to a configurable set of rules. The Network Load Balancing (NLB) Provider allows developers to create customized, remote, scriptable administration tools for NLB clusters.

Developer audience

Programming with the provider means interacting with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). Developers are strongly advised to review the Windows SDK documentation on WMI, especially the information and examples pertaining to client-side or remote administration programming.

This documentation assumes that readers are familiar with WMI and the NLB user interface, and that they have access to the Windows SDK documentation for WMI as well as the online help documentation for NLB.

Run-time requirements

The NLB Provider requires the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later operating system.

In this section

About the Network Load Balancing Provider

An overview of how NLB works.

Using the Network Load Balancing Provider

Describes how to accomplish typical NLB administrative tasks.

Network Load Balancing Provider Reference

Describes the NLB Provider classes, their properties, and methods.

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