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ATL Server Library Reference 
CSessionStateService Class 

Provides support for the maintenance and retrieval of session-state data.

template <
   class MonitorClass,
   class TServiceImplClass
class CSessionStateService :
   public ISessionStateService,
   public ISessionStateControl,
   public IWorkerThreadClient,
   public CComObjectRootEx<CComGlobalsThreadModel>



The class to be used for monitoring and retiring expired sessions (typically the CWorkerThread class).


The session-state support implementation class, which determines the method used for session-state (typically either CMemSessionServiceImpl or CDBSessionServiceImplT).

The CSessionStateService class provides session-state support by implementing the ISessionStateService and ISessionStateControl interfaces. The CSessionStateService class delegates the work of persisting session data to the class specified in the TServiceImplClass template parameter.

Present only in session-state enabled projects, CSessionStateService typically resides in the ISAPI extension DLL and is accessible to request handlers objects via the ISessionStateService interface. CSessionStateService is usually configured automatically by the ATL Server Project Wizard, and explicit access is not normally required. See Providing Session-State Services and Enabling Session-State Support for more information.

Header: atlsession.h