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Scripting API Objects

The Scripting API for WMI reference describes each scripting object using a specific syntax. For an explanation of this syntax, see Document Conventions for the Scripting API.

The following table lists WMI scripting objects and how they are used.

SWbemDateTime Constructs and parses CIM datetime values.
SWbemEventSource Retrieves events in conjunction with SWbemServices.ExecNotificationQuery.
SWbemLastError Provides extended error information when an error occurs.
SWbemLocator Obtains an SWbemServices object that can get access to WMI on a particular host computer.
SWbemMethod Contains a single WMI method definition.
SWbemMethodSet Gets a collection of SWbemMethod objects.
SWbemNamedValue Contains a single named value.
SWbemNamedValueSet Gets access to a collection of SWbemNamedValue objects.
SWbemObject Contains and manipulates a single WMI object class or instance.
SWbemObjectEx Extends the functionality of SWbemObject. This object adds the Refresh method for SWbemRefresher objects.
SWbemObjectPath Generates and validates an object path.
SWbemObjectSet Gets access to a collection of SWbemObject objects.
SWbemPrivilege Sets or clears a privilege.
SWbemPrivilegeSet Gets access to a collection of SWbemPrivilege objects.
SWbemProperty Contains a single WMI property.
SWbemPropertySet Gets access to a collection of SWbemProperty objects.
SWbemQualifier Contains a single property qualifier.
SWbemQualifierSet Gets access to a collection of SWbemQualifier objects.
SWbemRefresher Collects and updates object property values in one operation.
SWbemRefreshableItem Represents a single refreshable element in an SWbemRefresher object, such as a property.
SWbemSecurity Manages security settings such as Component Object Model (COM) Privileges, AuthenticationLevel, and ImpersonationLevel.
SWbemServices Creates, updates, and retrieves instances or classes.
SWbemServicesEx Extends the functionality of SWbemServices. This object adds the Put and PutAsync methods to allow a class or instance to be saved to multiple namespaces.
SWbemSink Receives the results of asynchronous operations and event notifications, which are used by client applications.