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Noncomputational Counter Types

Noncomputational counter types do not have an associated formula. The raw value is directly meaningful.

The FilesToBeIndexed property in the Win32_PerfRawData_ContentIndex_IndexingService class is an example of the PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT counter type. It contains a count of files that have not been indexed.

Counter types are designated by the constant defined in Winperf.h—located in the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK). The following table lists the noncomputational counter types that are provided.


Decimal 2816

This counter type shows a variable-length text string in Unicode. It does not display calculated values.

Decimal 65536

Raw counter value that does not require calculations, and represents one sample which is the last observed value only.

Decimal 65792

Same as PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT, but a 64-bit representation for larger values.


Most recently observed value in hexadecimal format. It does not display an average.

Decimal 256

Same as PERF_COUNTER_RAWCOUNT_HEX, but a 64-bit representation in hexadecimal for use with large values.


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