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About the RSoP Snap-in

Microsoft provides a basic tool, the RSoP MMC snap-in, that can be used to determine the RSoP for a given combination of policy settings.

The tool, which is built on the RSoP infrastructure, includes the following modes:

  • Logging mode. In logging mode, the RSoP snap-in tracks the policies that have been applied. In this mode, the tool can show the actual RSoP for a given user or computer.
  • Planning mode. In planning mode, the RSoP snap-in indicates the set of policies that would be applied in a particular scenario. You can perform scenario analyses based on information you supply about the user and computer, the site, domain and organizational unit, and security group membership.

For each policy, the RSoP tool can indicate the source GPO, the order in which policy settings are applied, and any failed policy settings.

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