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ATL Server Library Reference 
CAtlHttpClientT Class 

This class provides support for making requests and receiving responses from HTTP servers.

template <
   class TSocketClass
class CAtlHttpClientT :
   private TSocketClass



The class used to provide the underlying network socket support. For the current version of the library, this parameter should be set to the internal class, ZEvtSyncSocket. The CAtlHttpClient typedef is provided so that you do not have to specify the socket support class explicitly.

CAtlHttpClientT supports HTTP client functionality. When using this class, requests can be sent to and responses can be received from HTTP servers. Other networking protocols, such as FTP and NNTP, are not supported. For this release, ATL Server does not support the HTTPS protocol either, but the SecureSoap Sample demonstrates how CAtlHttpClientT can be used with a class that provides HTTPS support.

CAtlHttpClient performs network operations synchronously. The Navigate method, which is used to make HTTP requests, does not return until the server response has been received in its entirety, or the request has failed. As a result, simultaneous HTTP requests require multiple CAtlHttpClient object instances.

A breaking change from previous versions, CAtlHttpClient no longer passes user log on credentials for authentication unless the security zone settings allow it. This change increases the security of user credentials. This may break applications that relied on the non-secure method of authentication. To restore the old behavior, call SetSilentLogonOk with the parameter value true.

Header: atlhttp.h