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ATL Server Library Reference 
Locale Tag 

A locale tag can be added to a server response file (SRF) to indicate the locale that should be used for any response generated from that point on in the file.

{{ locale locale_id }}

The locale ID as a decimal integer or as an RFC 1766-compliant ( string.

The thread locale set by a locale tag can be retrieved from within a replacement handler using GetThreadLocale. You may need the locale for loading resources, or formatting times, dates, and currencies. Use of this tag enables a single request handler method to be called to supply content localized for different languages or locations.

There can be as many locale tags in a single SRF as you find necessary.

See Codepage Tag for information about how locale tags affect the codepage used to parse the SRF.

See ATL_NO_MLANG for information that can help you minimize dependencies and improve the performance of your request handlers at the cost of removing the ability to specify the codepage and locale as strings.

{{locale zh-cn}}