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ATL Server Library Reference 
Server Response File 

A server response file is a text file containing special tags, also known as a stencil.

A server response file (SRF) is a text file with a .srf extension containing static content plus special replacement tags that can be substituted at run time with dynamically generated content.

SRFs offer the following benefits:

  • They provide a simple and efficient mechanism for integrating static and dynamic text-based content without writing code.

  • They allow you to control the presentation of dynamic content without writing code through the use of intrinsic conditionals and loops and by simple ordering of the replacement tags.

  • They allow you to mix dynamic content from multiple sources without writing code.

A stencil is any text file containing special tags understood by CStencil or a derived class. A SRF is a stencil containing tags understood by CHtmlStencil.

For information on the syntax supported by SRFs, see ATL Server Response File Reference.

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