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ATL Server Library Reference 
CAtlNavigateData Class 

This class represents HTTP transaction options for use with the CAtlHttpClientT class.

class CAtlNavigateData :

The CAtlNavigateData class encapsulates the ATL_NAVIGATE_DATA structure, adding initialization and access and retrieval functionality. The ATL_NAVIGATE_DATA structure is used to provide settings to the CAtlHttpClientT class. Except for the URL itself, virtually all of the settings required to perform an HTTP request are provided by the ATL_NAVIGATE_DATA structure.

The CAtlNavigateData class can be used with the CAtlHttpClientT::Navigate method to specify the details of HTTP transactions. These settings include auxiliary header information, the HTTP request method, and behavior modification flags. The CAtlNavigateData class can also be used to install send and receive callback functions for increased control during HTTP transactions.

Explicit use of the CAtlNavigateData class is optional. If no navigation data is specified, the CAtlHttpClientT class uses an internal instance of CAtlNavigateData. As such, default HTTP transaction settings are dictated by the CAtlNavigateData constructor.

Header: atlhttp.h