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Visual C++ Samples 
ATL Server Samples 

The following table is an alphabetical list of the ATL Server samples in Visual C++.

ATLRT Sample: Demonstrates Custom SRF Tags

Demonstrates extending ATL Server's stencil-parsing code to support custom tags. The custom tags supplied in this sample provide support for variables and generic database access from within a SRF file.

BlobCache Sample: Generic Memory Caching

Demonstrates the use of the CBlobCache class from within an ATL Server application.

CLStencil Sample: Runs Request Handler DLLs or SRF Files from the Command Line

Demonstrates how to provide custom implementations of IHttpServerContext Interface and IIsapiExtension to create a command line tool for generating responses from SRF files and Web application DLLs without requiring IIS.

DataSetConsumer Sample: Consumes Multiple Table Datasets

Demonstrates how to consume multiple table DataSets in a SPROXY.EXE: XML Web Service Proxy Generator-generated SOAP client.

Hotswap Sample: Replacing ATL Server Application DLLs at Run Time

Demonstrates how to replace ATL Server Web application DLLs at run time without losing requests.

HttpClient Sample: HTTP Client Services Demonstration

Demonstrates making HTTP Web requests from within an MFC application using ATL Server's HTTP client support.

HttpPing Sample: HTTP Client Tool

Demonstrates making HTTP Web requests from within a console application using ATL Server's HTTP client support.

Input Sample: Demonstrates User Input Validation On Client And Server

Demonstrates validation of user input on both client and server.

ISAPIFilter Sample: Maps URLs to Parameterized Queries

Demonstrates the creation of an ISAPI filter using ATL Server's support classes. The filter maps URL requests to new addresses using regular expression replacements provided in a configuration file.

Mailer Sample: Demonstrates SMTP Mail Classes

Demonstrates the SMTP mail classes provided with ATL Server.

MantaWeb Sample: Online Personal Information Management

Demonstrates how to use ATL Server to build a personal information management Web site that includes e-mail, scheduling and task lists, and a file store.

OnlineAddressBook Sample: Stores an Address Book in an XML Web Service

Demonstrates the use of session state to store an address book in an XML Web service.

PerformanceCounter Sample: Performance Monitoring in an ATL Server Application

Demonstrates how to expose performance information using ATL Server's performance monitoring support within a Web application.

PerformancePersist Sample: Provides Custom Performance Monitoring Data

Demonstrates how to expose performance information from an ATL Server Web application without losing that data when IIS is stopped and restarted.

PerformanceScribble Sample: Performance Monitoring in an MFC Application

Demonstrates how to expose performance information using ATL Server's performance monitoring support within an MFC application.

PooledAsync Sample: Increases Performance with an Additional Thread Pool

Demonstrates how to increase Web application and SOAP service availability and performance with an additional thread pool.

RegExp Sample: Demonstrates ATL Regular Expression Classes

Demonstrates how to use CAtlRegExp Class and CAtlREMatchContext to search and replace regular expressions inside a file uploaded to a Web server.

SessionSettings Sample: Session State Demonstration

Demonstrates how to use session state to maintain user preferences across multiple client requests.

SRFSyntax Sample: Server Response File Demonstration

Demonstrates how to use attributed code to implement an ATL Server request handler that illustrates advanced features of server response files.

SecureSOAP Sample: Implements a Secure SOAP Communication (HTTPS)

Demonstrates how to implement a secure SOAP communication.

SOAPDataTypes Sample: Demonstrates Basic Data Types and Aggregated Types in a SOAP Server

Demonstrates the use of basic data types and aggregated types in a SOAP server.

SOAPDebugApp Sample: Debugging XML Web Services in the Client Memory Space

Demonstrates how to debug an XML Web service in the memory space of the client application.

SOAPState Sample: Uses ATL Server to Implement Persistent SOAP Servers

Demonstrates how to implement a persistent SOAP server.

SOAPTransport Sample: Communicates SOAP Messages Over Sockets, MSMQ, the File System, and HTTP Listener

Demonstrates the creation of SOAP servers and clients that communicate using different transports: sockets, Microsoft Message Queue, the file system, and HTTP listener.

StencilCache Sample: Uses the ATL Server Stencil Cache

Demonstrates how to use the stencil cache service in an ATL Server Web application.

Tutorial Sample

The code for the ATL Server Tutorial.

WeatherService Sample: An XML Web Service Created with ATL Server

Demonstrates implementing a simple XML Web service using ATL Server attributes, and accessing an XML Web service from an MFC-based client application. This sample also shows Windows 2000 layered window support.

WebDbg Sample: A Client for Debugging Server Applications Using CDebugReportHook

Demonstrates client code for CDebugReportHook Class in the form of an MFC application providing a user interface for debugging server applications.

WebFeatures Sample: Demonstrates Various ATL Server Tasks

Demonstrates a variety of tasks related to writing ATL Server Web applications, including setting and viewing cookies, using session state, handling uploaded files, pulling images from a database, recognizing users' localization preferences, protecting resources, registering users with a Web site, and more.

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