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ATL Server Library Reference 
CSoapSocketClientT Class 

This class provides client access to XML Web services using sockets.

template <
   typename TSocketClass = ZEvtSyncSocket
class CSoapSocketClientT;



The class used to provide the underlying network socket support. For the current version of the library this parameter should be set to the internal class, ZEvtSyncSocket.

This class conforms to ATL Server's SOAP client archetype.

Typically this class is used with SPROXY-generated classes which build up the SOAP messages for you, but it is possible to use this class independently in the following way:

  1. Create an instance and pass the location of the XML Web service to the constructor.

  2. Call SetProxy or SetTimeout if necessary.

  3. Call GetWriteStream and write the SOAP message to that stream.

  4. Call SendRequest to send the SOAP message to the server.

  5. If SendRequest succeeded, call GetReadStream to read the SOAP response.

  6. If SendRequest failed, call GetClientError and GetStatusCode, or look at m_fault for error information.

  7. Call CleanupClient before returning to Step 3 to send further messages.

Header: atlsoap.h