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Volume 16, Number 3 | February 6, 2012

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Build a Massively Scalable Platform
Use RESTful web services and Windows Azure to build for mobile devices used by millions of users.

Build Awesome Apps with CSS3 Animations
Build rich animations in HTML, provide interesting feedback to your users, and enable fast and fluid UI.

Make a Difference with 20 Years|20 Ways
See. Share. Do: Build better careers and better lives with this exciting new program.
Scott Guthrie

Letter from Scott Guthrie
CVP, Azure Application Platform

.NET and Windows Azure Progress

There's a lot of great work going on in the .NET and Windows Azure space, and the months ahead are going to be exciting ones for developers.

A few people have sent me email recently about whether I had "left .NET for Azure." On the contrary - I'm still very involved in .NET, and the teams that build the server pieces of .NET (including ASP.NET, WCF, WF, and the corresponding Visual Studio teams) work for me. Making .NET applications in the cloud be amazing is a huge part of the Windows Azure promise, and one of the reasons I've recently also been working on Windows Azure. This past fall we began rolling out some major improvements (visit to learn about them). You will see even more significant updates and features in Windows Azure in the months ahead.

You are also going to be able to soon take advantage of some great improvements that will ship with Visual Studio 11 and the .NET 4.5 versions of ASP.NET, WCF, WF - as well as with the new releases of ASP.NET MVC and the Entity Framework (which will support both .NET 4 and .NET 4.5). These releases are packed with great new features that will significantly improve productivity as well as enable some fantastic new scenarios - including mobile web, web sockets, web APIs, HTML5, database migrations, integrated async language support, and much, much more. These improvements are going to enable you to build really amazing applications.

In addition to delivering great products, we are also increasing our commitment and support of open source and the community. In December, we announced that we were open sourcing the Windows Azure SDKs on GitHub. We are also releasing new features of ASP.NET including NuGet, SignalR and Web API under an open source license. You'll see us invest even more in open source in the months ahead.

I'm really looking forward to 2012 - it is going to bring a bunch of improvements for developers, and enable you to build better applications than ever before.

Scott Guthrie

Visit to learn more.

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Sign Up for Your MSDN Cloud Computing Benefits - up to $3,700 in Azure Resources
Playing with a new technology is the best way to learn it. To help you set up your own sandbox in the cloud, here's a screencast and FAQs. Then use your MSDN cloud computing benefits - now with spending limits so there is no worry of unexpected costs.

Good-Looking Apps with CSS3 Transitions
A good-looking application must provide users with visual feedback, and animations are a great tool to do so.

Extending SQL Server Reporting Services: Developing Custom Charting Components and Rendering Extensions
Learn how you can create a custom charting component and integrate it with an SSRS report, and how you can develop a custom report renderer (by extending a native one) to render a report just as you like.

Using Async for File Access
The new Async feature in Visual Studio makes it easy to code asynchronous method calls. Simply call an asynchronous method instead of a synchronous method and add a few keywords to the code, as shown in the examples.

You've got game. Show us!
Submit a Windows Phone game to the Windows Phone Marketplace and you could win a gaming laptop or other prizes. See the rules.

HTML dev is easier than you think!
Clear up any #HTML confusion with the click of this little link.

Bytes by MSDN Interview on Windows 8 with Andrew Brust
With the coming release of Windows 8, great importance will be placed on the enterprise side of the business along with the developer side. This is a great interview to catch to get a feel for what's coming with Windows 8.





Three Best Practices for Using Browser Vendor Prefixes
Vendor prefixes enable web developers to experiment with new standards before they reach the Candidate Recommendation stage.

Forecast: Cloudy - Windows Azure Caching Strategies
Joseph Fultz maps Windows Azure caching capabilities, balancing the desire for fresh data with the desire for the best performance.

From Concept to Code in 6 Hours: Shipping My First Windows Phone App
Scott Hanselman details the creation of a simple, but actually useful, Windows Phone 7 app.

GoingNative 2012 Full Schedule
We are sold out! But have no fear: The entire event will stream live globally, and all sessions will be available on demand shortly after the show ends, in multiple formats (WMV, MP4, WebM, MP3, and WMA).

Have you downloaded Visual Studio 11?
Special download! Get it now.

MSDN Webcast Series: Cloud Computing Soup to Nuts
February 7, 2012, online
From understanding concepts of compute, storage, and roles, to exploring the various services available, this Soup to Nuts series starts at the beginning and takes you all the way to being a Windows Azure expert.

Bytes by MSDN Interview: Vishwas Lele and Tim Huckaby
Vishwas is the "King of Azure," and has worked with many companies including ISVs, point of sale systems, start-ups, and more to migrate to Windows Azure.





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Developing Applications Using Data from Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace
February 14, 2012, 11:00 A.M. Pacific Time
The Windows Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling finished software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and premium datasets. There is a wide variety of data, including demographic, environmental, financial, retail, and sports. In this webcast, we will take a look at the application development features of the Windows Azure Marketplace and discuss how you can develop web and Windows Phone applications that consume data from the Marketplace.

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Channel 9 Presents: Visual Studio Toolbox Video
New to Visual Studio? Channel 9 Visual Studio Toolbox shows you helpful online training courses and kits.

Creating your own Windows Phone app or game is easier than you think!
Are you a developer in training? Download the #windowsphone Getting Started guide.


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