Building Cloud-based Apps Becomes a Perfect Life Style Choice for this "Entre-veloper"

Richard Bagdonas fell in love with technology at an early age. He has also been an entrepreneur as long as he can remember, with no fewer than a dozen start-ups under his belt despite the fact that he's only in his mid-30s. Having migrated his stable of web applications to the cloud, Richard now finds himself with more time to focus on what's important: enhancing his applications, thinking strategically about new opportunities in the marketplace, and living the life he always dreamed of as a self-employed “entreveloper.”

Richard is always thinking about new ways to solve problems leveraging the unique possibilities of the cloud. The cloud has enabled him to envision technology products that weren't even possible a few years ago. His latest app, SpeedMenu, exemplifies the power of the cloud (and channels his love of food) from concept to code.