Cloud Development

Ramon Resma and Brian Prince
November 8, 2011
Join Brian Prince, Principle Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, and Ramon Resma, Software Architect Principal at Travelocity, as they discuss Windows Azure. Ramon talks about the advantages of utilizing Windows Azure for web applications. Using Azure for a specific customer facing web app, allowed Travelocity to track metrics of how the user was engaging with the new feature and scale accordingly to accommodate traffic. Tune in to hear this great Azure story!
Paul Sheriff and Tim Huckaby
November 1, 2011
Hear from Tim Huckaby and Paul Sheriff, President at PDSA, Inc., as they take a look at the developer in today’s world. With technology changing so fast these days, it’s hard for the basic enterprise or beginning developer to keep up, which Paul sees as a big roadblock. Paul strives to bridge this gap by creating a lot of training and help tools to get developers up to speed on the latest technology fundamentals. Paul also shares his thoughts on the future direction of HTML5 and the cloud. Tune in to learn more and gain some great tips!
Stephen Forte and Tim Huckaby
October 25, 2011
Join Tim Huckaby and Stephen Forte, Chief Strategy Officer at Telerik as they discuss their latest passions in technology. Stephen talks about Kanban, an evolution of Scrum development, that is now being used within software development to limit the work-in-progress. It’s a cafeteria style of programming. SQL Azure is also discussed as a game changer within the development world due to the fact that you work with a database in the cloud and pay as you go while increasing developer productivity. This is a very intruiging interview you don't want to miss!
Cory Fowler and Brian Prince
October 11, 2011
Join Brian Prince, Sr. Architect Evangelist at Microsoft, and Cory Fowler, Consultant at ObjectSharp in Canada as they discuss Windows Azure. Cory talks about the community work he’s done to lend his tips and tricks of the trade to help customers of all backgrounds deploy or migrate their projects to the cloud. He also hits on the importance of knowing and loving start up tasks and the benefits of utilizing Azure’s VM Role. Tune in for some great tips on Windows Azure!
Brian Prince and Dave Nielsen
September 19, 2011
Dave Nielsen and Brian Prince discuss the advantages of backing up data and files to the cloud. Many mid-sized companies face challenges with the expense of disaster recovery, and don’t realize that they can use the cloud for storage. Dave illustrates how to move files and data to Windows Azure, providiing a secondary back-up in the Cloud. He also points out that companies can deploy applications in the cloud, for business continuity, while getting systems up and going.
Lynn Langit and Dave Nielsen
September 14, 2011
Tune in as Dave Nielsen and Lynn Langit discuss their work with governments and non-profit organizations. They cover how not-for-profits and government entities can save money by leveraging Cloud Computing. It’s a no-brainer, whether using Software as a Service (SaaS) or expanding storage, Windows Azure can provide a pay-for-what-you-need solution. Watch this conversation with Dave and Lynn to find out how the state of Florida is using the Cloud’s scalability during tax season to save money.
Michael Collier and Dave Nielsen
September 8, 2011
Join Dave Nielsen, co-founder of CloudCamp & Principal at Platform D, and Michael Collier, Software Architect at Neudesic as they discuss how to leverage Windows Azure using social media applications. They walk through an example of Outback Steakhouse and how they utilized Azure to launch a Facebook Fan & Twitter page. They were able to scale up instances and compute power as new visitors came to their site and still meet existing customer needs with ease.
Thomas Robbins and Clark Sell
August 30, 2011
Join Clark Sell, Senior Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, and Thomas Robbins, Chief Product Evangelist at Kentico Software, as they discuss the many exciting opportunities available with the cloud. Kentico is Windows Azure certified and their focus is essentially to help people build better websites. Their ultimate goal in leveraging Windows Azure, is for customers to take their on-premise contact management systems and upload them to the cloud.
Rob Gillen and Dave Nielsen
August 23, 2011
Join Rob Gillen and Dave Nielsen as they discuss how the scientific community harnesses the cloud for high performance computing. Rob, from Planet Technologies, illustrates how Cloud Computing fits into the areas of computational biology and image processing and shares a neat example of gene mapping using the Windows Azure Blast tool.
Frank Galarraga and Clark Sell
August 16, 2011
Dive into this fascinating interview with Frank Galarraga, Technical Architect for Brand Journey Venturing. As a development partner for General Mills, Frank’s group built, a social and ecommerce site designed for the gluten-free community. Adding commerce to the site prompted a move to the cloud and an entire site rewrite, using: SQL Azure and Microsoft CRM 2011 as the solution. This is a great discussion for any developer interested in how companies transition applications to the cloud.
Michael Wood and Dave Nielsen
July 26, 2011
Join this cloud discussion with Michael Wood, from Strategic Data Systems, and Dave Nielsen, Co-founder of CloudCamp & Principal at Platform D. Consultants at Strategic Data Systems work on various projects including proof of concepts. As projects get backlogged, proof of concepts and small projects lose out. Dave and Mike discuss how Cloud Computing can alleviate the backlog and lower barrier to innovation. Tune in to the end, of this short video, to receive instructions on how to access your free 30-day pass to a Windows Azure account.
Jim O'Neil and Dave Nielsen
July 5, 2011
Join this cloud discussion with Jim O'Neil, Microsoft’s North East Developer Evangelist, and Dave Nielsen, Co-founder of CloudCamp & Principal at Platform D. Dave and Jim bring up several real life examples of start-up companies in today’s market that are harnessing the cloud to enhance their productivity, save cost and grow. If you are part of a start-up company, this is one discussion you don’t want to miss.
Vittorio Bertocci and Brian Prince
May 31, 2011
Join this conversation on Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) and Access Control Service (ACS) with two Microsoft Evangelists, Vittorio Bertocci and Brian Prince. WIF enables .NET developers to externalize identity logic from their application, improving developer productivity, enhancing application security, and enabling interoperability. ACS allows you to integrate single sign on (SSO) and centralized authorization into your web applications. Brian ties together how ACS integrates with WIF and Vittorio reveals a “sweet deal” on how to access this cloud service for free through the end of the year.
Bruno Terkaly and Dave Nielsen
May 17, 2011
JWhat`s powering the mass consumerization of mobile applications? The cloud. Join this cloud discussion with Bruno Terkaly, Microsoft Senior Developer Evangelist, and Dave Nielsen, Co-founder of CloudCamp & Principal at Platform D. With 4.5 billion mobile devices around the globe, the cloud enables scale in terms of power and storage to support potentially growing markets. Bruno and Dave also discuss how sites like Flickr, with massive storage needs and a growing user base, scale by using the cloud. Tune in to the end, of this short video, to receive instructions on how to access your free 30-day pass to a Windows Azure account.
Brian Prince and Dave Nielsen
May 3, 2011
Join Dave Nielsen and Brian Prince as they discuss how companies are getting started with the Cloud. The easiest approach? Hybrid architecture. Companies are building hybrid applications, where just a portion of their application is living in the Cloud. Brian offers a few easy examples of how corporations are getting started in the Cloud, including Development testing and mass storage of old or excess data. Tune in to the end, of this short video, to receive instructions on how to access your free 30-day pass to a Windows Azure account.
Lynn Langit and Dave Nielsen
April 12, 2011
What is “big data?” Lynn Langit and Dave Nielsen offer a few examples of big data, and how data scientists are using the Cloud to manage massive amounts of data. Using SQL Azure (which is just SQL Server hosted on the Azure infrastructure) as an example, Lynn describes why customers are using a combination of NO SQL Windows Azure tables and SQL Azure relational tables. Tune in to the end, of this short video, to receive instructions on how to access your free 30-day pass to a Windows Azure account.
Dave Nielsen
March 29, 2011
What is Cloud Computing? Join Dave Nielsen, who runs hundreds of Cloud Camps, to find out exactly what Cloud Computing is all about. When you`re done watching this short video, you`ll even be able to explain Cloud Computing to your mom! By using just these four simple words: on-demand, self-service, scaleable, and measurable, Dave helps us simplify the concept and truly understand Cloud Computing.
Wally McClure and Tim Huckaby
Jan 11, 2011
Do you believe in the Cloud? Wallace McClure, Founder and Architect of Scalable Development, Inc., does. His customers are extremely interested in the value and economies of scale that Cloud Computing, and more specifically, Windows Azure can bring. Building out an infrastructure that supports your web service or application can be expensive, complicated and time consuming. Or you could look to the Microsoft cloud. The Windows Azure is a flexible cloud–computing platform that lets you focus on solving business problems and addressing customer needs. Wally talks about all this, and more, in this interview with Tim Huckaby, and in his Windows Azure podcasts.
Chris Mayo and Tim Huckaby
November 30, 2010
Join us, as Tim Huckaby, and Chris Mayo, Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, unveil the features of Office 365. Office 365 combines the familiar Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of our next-generation communications and collaboration services: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. Chris neatly summarizes how Office 365, currently in Beta, differs and/or is improved by being in the Cloud.
Juval Lowy and Joe Healy
September 08, 2010
What are the top three patterns and practices that you should be paying attention to with regards to Windows Azure and Service Bus?
Scott Klein and Joe Healy
August 11, 2010
Don’t miss this dynamic SQL Azure discussion between Joe Healy and Scott Klein, co-founder of Blue Syntax Consulting and a SQL MVP. They cover security, sharding and backup and restore operations in SQL Azure. Scott also reviews the benefits and misconceptions of Cloud Computing and chats about how the City of Miami leverages SQL Azure to help hurricane victims.
Ryan Dunn and Joe Healy
July 28, 2010
Joe Healy interviews Ryan Dunn, “the” Windows Azure Evangelist, around topics such as Windows Azure in the Cloud.
Dianne O'Brien and Joe Healy
July 07, 2010
Dianne O’Brien, Senior Director at Microsoft for Windows Azure, joins Joe Healy to discuss Cloud economics and associated benefits.
Brian Prince and Joe Healy
June 23, 2010
Joe Healy joins Brian Prince, Senior Architect Evangelist for Microsoft, to find out more about the success of the Windows Azure
Jim Zimmerman
June 01, 2010
Mickey Williams joins Jim Zimmerman, CTO at Thuzi, and discusses the benefits and possible challenges of developing on the Windows Azure as they developed a custom application for Outback Steakhouse.
Adam Grocholski
May 18, 2010
Adam Grocholski, Partner at RBA Consulting, takes the time to discuss with Mickey Williams about the latest announcements in cloud computing.
Guy Barrette
May 06, 2010
Tune in as Mickey Williams chats with Guy Barrette, Solutions Architect for .NET Expertise, about how to get started with Windows Azure.
Luigi & Guido Rosso
April 29, 2010
Join Rob Cameron, Architect Evangelist at Microsoft, as he interviews Guido and Luigi Rosso from Archetype and dives deeper into their latest mobile development projects.
Clemens Vasters
April 22, 2010
Listen in as Clemens Vasters, Principal Technical Lead at Microsoft, joins Mickey Williams to discuss the latest in hybrid cloud applications and the announcements at the MIX10 Conference.
Grégory Renard
April 06, 2010
Grégory Renard, CIO of Wygwam, joins Mickey Williams to discuss Windows Azure and the advantages that the platform offers developers.
Bill Lodin
March 23, 2010
Bill Lodin, Vice President of IT Mentors, shares his advice on how to delve into Windows Azure and suggests interesting resources to check out.

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Mobile Development

Tony Gerena and Tim Huckaby
November 29, 2011
Join Tim Huckaby and Tony Gerena, Clinical Dev. Director at Greenway Medical as they discuss the software solutions that Greenway Medical has created within the healthcare space. Tony discusses software they created that allows physicians to run their practice in an outpatient setting and how Microsoft Expression SketchFlow was used in the proof of concept stage. Additionally, Tony created a Windows Phone 7 app that allows physicians to refill prescriptions and message patients when they are away from their office. They also have utilized WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) to expose the functionality that’s native within their PrimeSUITE software and created an API which allows vendors and partners to build plug-ins, mobile apps, or health services on top of this platform. Tune in to learn more!
Simon Hamilton Ritchie and Tim Huckaby
October 18, 2011
Join Tim Huckaby and Simon Hamilton Ritchie, CEO of MatchboxMobile as they discuss Windows Phone and it’s many capabilities. Simon walks us through his latest project with T-Mobile where he helped create an application that helps families communicate through sharing pictures, calendar sync and chat features. This application was created within 6 weeks prior to the Windows Phone 7 launch and was pre-installed in HTC®phone devices. Windows Azure was also utilized to deploy this application and was the key in helping them deliver within 6 weeks. Tune in to hear more!
Jason Milgram and Tim Huckaby
July 19, 2011
Join Tim Huckaby, Founder at InterKnowlogy & Actus Software and Jason Milgram, Founder at Linxter Inc as they discuss the amazing Windows Phone solution created by Linxter to assist those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This free Windows Phone application enables individuals to track their injection sites & schedule right from their smartphone. With this application, those with MS can simplify their lives with push notification and SMS injection alerts and share injection history via the web as the app is running Windows Azure on the backend.
Roz Schneider and Brian Gorbett
July 12, 2011
Roz Schneider, Vice President of Operations for Migration.Mobi, shares the company’s experience with developing 300 applications for Windows Phone 7. Migration.Mobi is a mobile application and gaming company, focusing efforts on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Why did Migration.Mobi migrate to Windows Phone 7? As Roz describes it, “Windows Phone 7 is like a business phone meets pleasure phone.” Tune in and to learn more about the Windows Phone 7 development experience at Migration.Mobi.
Cliff Simpkins and Brian Gorbett
June 14, 2011
Brian Gorbett, Senior Architect Evangelist at Microsoft, chats with Cliff Simpkins, Senior Product Manager, about the Windows Phone 7 developer experience. Cliff has been championing the developer experience on the Microsoft platform for the last several years and takes community feedback directly to the engineering team at Microsoft. The discussion covers the recent Nokia announcement and new features in store for the Windows Phone 7 platform which Cliff promises will “really blow people away.”
Whurley and Brian Gorbett
June 07, 2011
Whurley , Co-Founder & CTO of Chaotic Moon, a mobile application studio, shares his positive experiences interacting with Microsoft and developing apps for Windows Phone 7. Providing input, early on, for the Windows Phone 7 release candidate, Whurley describes the process as "truly communal." He enjoys developing on the Windows Phone 7 platform for a few reasons, in particular developer relations and Microsoft’s marketing support. Tune in to find out the latest happenings at Chaotic Moon.
Jason Jacobs and Brian Gorbett
May 10, 2011
Jason Jacobs, CEO of RunKeeper (a mobile fitness platform for runners and other fitness enthusiasts) shares his experiences with developing on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Brian Gorbett, Senior Architect Evangelist at Microsoft, asks Jason why they chose to develop RunKeeper for Windows Phone 7? Jason describes Windows Phone 7 as a powerful channel to gain new users and a way to improve the functionality of the RunKeeper system overall. If you’re a mobile developer and fitness enthusiast, this is one interview you won’t want to miss.
Jeff Sinclair and Brian Gorbett
April 26, 2011
Brian Gorbett Senior Architect Evangelist at Microsoft interviews Jeff Sinclair, Co-Founder of Xomo Digital Inc. Xomo creates mobile applications, across varying platforms, for large events, such as the 2010 Olympics (which they won a “best mobile app” award for) and SXSW. Brian quizzes Jeff about his experience with the Windows Phone 7 platform. Did his development team like it? Find it user friendly? Easier or more difficult than other platforms? Tune in to hear about Xomo’s experiences with developing on Windows Phone 7.
Mayank Mehta and Brian Gorbett
April 05, 2011
Thinking about developing your own Windows Phone 7 app? Listen to Mayank, as he shares his positive experience with designing and developing LiveShare for the Windows Phone 7 platform. LiveShare is a communication application that allows for contextual sharing. Don’t miss this Bytes by MSDN interview as Brian Gorbett, Microsoft Senior Architect Evangelist, chats with Mayank Mehta, Co-Founder & Head of Products for LiveShare at Cooliris.
Evan Hutnick and Rob Cameron
March 8, 2011
This week, on Bytes by MSDN, Evan Hutnick, Developer Evangelist for Telerik, and Rob Cameron, Senior Architect Evangelist for Microsoft swap notes on Silverlight. They share best practices and reveal great resources for Silverlight. The conversation progresses to mobile and the Windows Phone 7 tool kit and other resources available, through Telerik, to create great Windows Phone 7 applications. You won’t want to miss this lively conversation between two developer evangelists!
Nickolas Landry and Rob Cameron
February 8, 2011
Don’t miss this dynamic interview with Nickolas Landry, Practice Manager for Infusion. Rob Cameron, Senior Architect Evangelist for Microsoft, has great dialog with Nick around enterprise mobility, location intelligence applications and Windows Phone 7. Nick’s team builds cool applications using Bing maps and is now bringing those apps to Windows Phone 7. And what does Nick do in his spare time? He’s also developing games for Windows Phone 7 and uploading them to Marketplace. Whether it’s locator, mobile or gaming applications you’re interested in, this is a good discussion to listen in on.
David Kelley and Tim Huckaby
January 25, 2011
This week, meet MVP David Kelley, Principal User-Experience Architect at Wirestone, as he is interviewed by Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy. David and Tim discuss the user experience on large screens, such as the Nike touch wall, and small screens, including Windows Phone 7. David offers tips on how to build applications on Windows Phone 7 with a rich user interface.
Ed Schmit and Rob Cameron
January 4, 2011
What does Ed Schmit, the Director of the AT&T Developer Program, think of Windows Phone 7? Watch this interview and find out! Rob Cameron, Senior Architect Evangelist at Microsoft, leads the discussion about the mobile industry. Listen in as Ed shares his best practices and tips for mobile developers. His overall words of wisdom around building apps on Windows Phone 7? Build a good app, and get the word out quick!
Brandon Watson and Rob Cameron
November 23, 2010
Join our latest series of Bytes by MSDN as Rob Cameron interviews Brandon Watson, Director at Microsoft, responsible for ensuring that developers have all the tools that they need to be successful on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Brandon covers the many existing and future features of Windows Phone 7 and announces the Dotfuscator application, which includes Runtime Intelligence, for free, to all Windows Phone 7 developers from today through March 31, 2011.
Joe Belfiore and Tim Huckaby
November 8, 2010
Windows Phone 7 is here! And there is no better time than the present to meet Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice-President for Microsoft, who runs the engineering team that is responsible for the spec and design of Windows Phone 7. Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy, asks Joe to explain why the "end user is king" philosophy is being applied to Windows Phone 7 and how Windows Phone 7 differs from Android and the iPhone. Find out why Windows Phone 7 works great not just for the end user, but for developers, OEM's and mobile operators.
Ginny Caughey and Tim Huckaby
September 29, 2010
Tim Huckaby and Ginny Caughey, President of Carolina Software Inc., cover a variety of topics in this informative interview. They touch upon building solutions that help with natural disastors, trade secrets for high productivity apps and the beauty of Windows Phone 7 mobile marketplace. After years of building software solutions around solid waste, Ginny is looking forward to a personal pet project involving her passion for development: the opportunity to build consumer apps for Windows Phone 7!
Clint Rutkas and Tim Huckaby
September 15, 2010
Clint Rutkas, Technical Evangelist for Channel 9, reveals how he "coded his way into a job" at Microsoft. Tim also gets Clint to share how he built an automated bartender, dance floor and t-shirt shooting robot. Don't miss this fun and entertaining chat!
Loke Uei Tan and Tim Huckaby
September 01, 2010
Get a glimpse into the inner workings at Microsoft as Loke Uei Tan and Tim discuss how Windows Mobile evolved and how the user experience is carefully guarded. Loke is the Senior Technical Product Manager with the Developer Experience team and shares how Microsoft encourages developers to build apps for WP7, while maintaining a consistent consumer user experience.
Maarten Struys and Tim Huckaby
August 18, 2010
Watch this lively discussion between Tim Huckaby and Maarten Struys, Windows Mobile Evangelist. Maarten sounds off on why developers shouldn’t sweat not having native access, and discusses Silverlight’s role and other functionalities of Windows Phone 7.
Rockford Lhotka and Tim Huckaby
July 21, 2010
“Rocky” Lhotka, Principal Technology Evangelist for Magenic, chats with Tim Huckaby, founder of InterKnowlogy, about Windows Phone 7. Listen in as they discuss the mobile platform, multi-tasking and compatibility and weigh in on whether or not Windows Phone 7 is a “game changer”.
Brandon Watson and Tim Huckaby
June 16, 2010
Let's talk Windows Phone 7! Join our latest series of Bytes by MSDN as Tim Huckaby kicks it off with an interview with Brandon Watson, Director of Developer Experience for Windows Phone 7 at Microsoft.
Andre Vrignaud and Rob Cameron
June 3, 2010
Listen in as Rob Cameron chats with Andre Vrignaud, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, about the exciting announcements around the commonalities between XNA and mobile development.

Page Brooks and Rob Cameron
May 20, 2010
Rob Cameron speaks with Page Brooks, Senior Software Developer at ACS Technologies and Microsoft MVP, about Silverlight development for Windows Phone and the transition to mobile development.



Loke Uei Tan
May 11, 2010
Join Rob Cameron, Architect Evangelist at Microsoft, as he talks with Loke Uei Tan, from the Mobile Developer Experience team at Microsoft, about the latest announcements for the mobile platform and essential resources for developers.



Kurt Brockett
April 09, 2010
Kurt Brockett, Director of UX Evangelism at IdentityMine, joins Rob Cameron to share the agency perspective on mobile development and discuss how touch development has evolved.



Todd Brix
March 30, 2010
Todd Brix, Senior Director for Windows Marketplace at Microsoft, sheds light on how developers can interact with Marketplace and connect with consumers.



Charlie Kindel
March 19, 2010
Rob Cameron had the opportunity to chat with Charlie Kindel, Partner Group Program Manager at Microsoft, about the latest Windows Phone 7 Series announcements that took place at MIX10. Listen in and get the latest!



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Web Development

Cameron Skinner and Tim Huckaby
December 13, 2011
Join Tim Huckaby and Cameron Skinner, General Manager – Visual Studio Ultimate at Microsoft, as they discuss the Visual Studio 11 Dev Preview. Cameron talks about the exciting new features coming that developers can expect, especially in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) toolset like: requirements storyboarding tool, managing product backlog through web portal, feature to keep devs in the zone and more! Great interview to catch for insight into Visual Studio 11!
Scott Guthrie and Tim Huckaby
December 06, 2011
Join Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy & Actus Software, and Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President in Microsoft's Server & Tools Business Division, as they discuss the new features in the next release of Visual Studio 11 Dev Preview (Dev 11) and Windows Azure, announced at the Build 2011 Conference. Scott takes us through the many new improvements to Dev 11 which include the next release of .NET 4.5. It is also side-by-side compatible with other releases of Visual Studio and its solution and project file compatible with older releases, making it easier for project sharing. Scott also discusses Windows Azure, its cadence of release as it is a service based, and the coming waves of innovation that we can expect in the near future. An awesome interview you don't want to miss!
Juval Lowy and Brian Prince
November 22, 2011
Hear from Brian Prince, Principal Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, and Juval Lowy, Software Architect & Principal at IDesign as they discuss the role of an architect in today’s world. Juval breaks down how the role of an architect has evolved over the years from applying engineering principles and practices to software systems to now also taking an active leadership role in the process and in technology. Today’s architect does less of showing developers “how-to” but instead showing more what to do in specific scenarios. This is a great interview to catch if you’re headed down this career path!
Richard Campbell and Tim Huckaby
November 15, 2011
Join Tim Huckaby and Richard Campbell, Host at .NET Rocks! as they discuss new opportunities with the Cloud. Richard talks about his latest customer that has 90 offices in 75 different countries with the goal of connecting all those offices in the most efficient way. There are 1,700 apps within the ecosystem, so a large part of the project requires looking at what makes sense to move to the cloud and what doesn’t. Richard hits on the importance of utilizing Office 365, especially with mail servers and dealing with government mailbox compliance in different countries. This project truly speaks to the power of the hybrid cloud world – an interview not to miss!
Jonathan Sasse and Clark Sell
August 9, 2011 is a personalized internet radio service. Jonathan Sasse, Senior Vice President at Slacker, chats with Clark Sell, Microsoft Senior Developer Evangelist, about the ease of integrating new Internet Explorer 9 features to the site. By incorporating dynamic jump lists and pinned sites features, Slacker was able to maintain the site branding, while improving the user experience. If you’re a music lover and developer, this is a great interview to catch.
Chris Maliwat and Clark Sell
June 28, 2011
Clark is joined by Chris Maliwat, Vice President of Product Management for Gilt Groupe, in this discussion on how Internet Explorer 9 improved their site performance. is an invitation-only website that provides luxury goods to members at insider prices with spectacular noon time sales. Using IE9 features such as notifications on a task bar, site pinning and dynamic jump lists to enhance the sites’ functionality for users, Chris is very pleased with the results. Thanks to IE9, customers can get to products easier, shop more efficiently and grab deals faster. How long did it take Gilt to implement the IE9 features? About a week. Listen in and learn how you, too, can make improvements to your site with IE9 to improve user experience and sales.
Paul Sterling and Brian Gorbett
June 21, 2011
Paul Sterling is the North America Lead for Umbraco, a free, open-source web cms built on the Microsoft ASP.NET Framework. Paul describes Umbraco as a great fit for developers that are building content-based websites and want to take web development to the next level. Paul and Brian also discuss how Razor (Razor requires Microsoft's .NET Framework in order to run) and WebMatrix have integrated with Umbraco. Umbraco uses web best practices, and, according to Paul, developers should feel “naturally at home with Umbraco.”
Jonathan Gabbai and Clark Sell
May 24, 2011
Clark Sell, Microsoft Senior Developer Evangelist, and Jonathon Gabbai, from eBay, discuss Internet Explorer 9. Jonathan, Senior Global Innovations Manager at eBay, reveals how he drives traffic to eBay sites through Internet Explorer 9 browser integration, leveraging IE9 features such as dynamic jump lists and pinned sites. This is a stimulating discussion for those interested in maximizing their website’s potential via IE9 browser integration.
Ken Getz and Rob Cameron
February 14, 2011
Meet Ken Getz, Courseware Developer for AppDev and Senior Consultant for MCW Technologies LLC, and Rob Cameron, Senior Architect Evangelist at Microsoft. In this interview, they cover a variety of topics and technologies including: Visual Studio, MSXML, Silverlight, Expressions Blend and Visual Basic. Why are two developers talking about Expression Blend? Ken believes that Blend is an important tool for developers, not just designers, to create good looking applications. Ken shares a plethora of tips, with Rob, that any developer could benefit from; so click and join the conversation!
Dr. Ivan Sanabria and Tim Huckaby
December 20, 2010
Dr. Ivan Sanabria, Chief Technology Officer for Artinsoft, and Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy, chat about how easy it can be to migrate from VB6 apps to C# or .NET with Artinsoft’s tools. Artinsoft has built a suite of tools that helps clients move their VB6 applications to .NET, Silverlight or Windows Azure. They discuss parity and some of the basics behind these types of migrations. Tim also discovers that MSDN readers can get a free license for 10,000 lines of code from Artinsoft. Microsoft and ArtinSoft have partnered to offer a free VBUC license to MSDN readers. The discount code (noted below) can be used to purchase a license that will allow you to migrate an application of up to 10,000 lines of VB6 code to VB.NET or C# for free. Don’t miss this very informative interview.
Dave Mendlen and Tim Huckaby
December 13, 2010
One of the most talked about features in Visual Studio 2010 is IntelliTrace. Dave Mendlen, Senior Director at Microsoft, and Tim Huckaby, founder of InterKnowlogy, cover the latest and greatest with Visual Studio 2010, including LightSwitch, Intellitrace and the most recent Feature Pack. Tune in to find out why Dave refers to IntelliTrace as a “time machine.”
Victor Gaudioso and Tim Huckaby
June 16, 2010
Listen in as Victor Gaudioso, Solutions Advocate for Creative Net Design, chats with Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy, about his experience with Silverlight development coming from an Adobe Flash background and training resources to check out.
Ian Muir and Tim Huckaby
May 27, 2010
Listen in as Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy, and Ian Muir, Web Application Architect for Piehead Productions, discuss the latest technologies released which allow for a smooth design and development work stream.
Nishant Kothary and Tim Huckaby
May 25, 2010
Join Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy, and Nishant Kothary, Creative Director of MIX Online, as they discuss how and why design is perceived to be either objective or subjective.
John Papa and Tim Huckaby
May 13, 2010
Join Tim Huckaby as he discusses with John Papa, Senior Technical Evangelist, about Silverlight 4 and the latest features that it includes.
Scott Hanselman and Tim Huckaby
May 4, 2010
Join Tim Huckaby and Scott Hanselman as they discuss the latest announcements around jQuery and see how Scott successfully manages to make Tim blush!
Tim Heuer
April 21, 2010
Tim Heuer, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, joins Tim Huckaby to discuss the latest Silverlight 4 announcements and resources to check out.
Scott Stanfield and Tim Huckaby
April 15, 2010
Scott Stanfield, CEO of Vertigo Software, joins Tim Huckaby to discuss how to successfully manage a team comprised of designers and developers, and create a bridge between the two vastly different work styles.
Paul Stubbs and Tim Huckaby
April 13, 2010
Paul Stubbs, Senior Technical Evangelist for SharePoint, joins Tim Huckaby to discuss the integration of Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight with SharePoint 2010.
Erik Mork
April 1, 2010
Erik Mork, Founder of Silver Bay Labs, shares his passion for Silverlight and development tools for the Microsoft platforms.
Bill Buxton
March 25, 2010
Join the "godfather of design", Bill Buxton (Principal Researcher, Microsoft Corp.), as he shares his philosophy on design, multi-touch development, and innovation.

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Client Development

Mary Jo Foley and Tim Huckaby
December 20, 2011
Hear from Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy & Actus Software, and Mary Jo Foley, Editor of ZDNets "All About Microsoft", as they discuss the perceptions from the Build 2011 Conference. Mary Jo talks about the excitement around Window 8, how everyone can be a part of it, Windows 8 apps, integration between apps, and more. Mary Jo also discusses why she thinks Microsoft doesn't have to be like Apple when it comes to product launches & developer events, especially since Microsoft is the standard when it comes to interacting with the developer audience. You don't want to miss this insightful interview!
Mary Jo Foley and Tim Huckaby
October 4, 2011
Join Tim Huckaby and the infamous Mary Jo Foley, Editor of ZDNets “All About Microsoft” for a great discussion around women in technology. Mary Jo talks about the women at Microsoft that she has interviewed and the amazing stories of inspiration of these unsung heroes that are passionate about innovation in gaming, phone programming and more. Don’t miss out on this insightful interview!
Scott Hanselman and Tim Huckaby
September 27, 2011
Join Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy and Actus, and Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft for a discussion around NuGet, a package manager for the .NET Framework. This free, open source developer focused package management system simplifies the process of incorporating third party libraries into a .NET application during development. This system makes the developer’s life so much easier and that much more powerful. Tune in to hear how you can get started with NuGet today!
Thomas Lewis and Clark Sell
April 19, 2011
Check out this lively HTML5 discussion between two Microsoft Evangelists, Clark Sell and Thomas Lewis. HTML5 is the next major update to the W3C HTML specification providing a standard structure for presenting content on the web. Thomas and Clark agree that the state of web development is evolving. In fact, HTML5 is at the center of Internet Explorer 9, with extensive support for web standards like HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, SVG, and more. Thomas suggests learning more by visiting and tearing apart some HTML5 apps that can be found on the site!
Ziad Ismail and Clark Sell
March 22, 2011
Please join us as Ziad Ismail, Director of Product Management for Internet Explorer, and Clark Sell, Microsoft Developer Evangelist, unleash the beauty of the web. They discuss IE9's new notification feature and "pinning" and give context to what "putting sites at the center" means for developers. That's not all! Ziad also announces "Dev Unplugged", the IE9 developer contest with over $40,000 in prizes. This is one interview you won't want to miss!
Ward Bell and Tim Huckaby
March 1, 2011
This week, on Bytes by MSDN, meet the Vice-President of Technology for IdeaBlade Inc., Ward Bell. Ward introduces IdeaBlade’s main product, DevForce, which allows you to reach any user, anywhere, with their tools and infrastructure for building desktop, Silverlight, and Web applications for Silverlight, WPF, WinForms, and ASP.NET. Tim Huckaby and Ward transition the conversation to the longevity of Silverlight, community support for Silverlight and how to write applications in Silverlight.
Billy Hollis and Tim Huckaby
February 22, 2011
Billy Hollis, consultant and author for Next Version Systems, chats with Tim Huckaby, founder of InterKnowlogy, about all things WPF and Silverlight. As a trainer and consultant, Billy has a wealth of experience designing and developing applications in these technologies, and believes in training that has a designer focus to it. As Tim puts it, “WPF is elegant in its complexity, and Silverlight is elegant in its simplicity.” Billy discusses the degrees of freedom afforded in Silverlight and WPF to create impressive apps. Both Tim and Billy offer a number of tips and tricks in this animated discussion. Tune in, and you'll also find out why Billy was signing autographs in Kuwait!
Tim Heuer and Tim Huckaby
February 1, 2011
Tim Huckaby interviews Tim Heuer, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft for the Silverlight team. They discuss the future of Silverlight (no, Silverlight is not going away) and the Silverlight feature "wish list". Silverlight 4's top features tie back to the top 15 feature wish list from this site. Find out how to submit your next Silverlight feature request!
Roberto Leiton and Tim Huckaby
January 18, 2011
Roberto Leiton, CEO of ArtinSoft, and Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy, launch an interesting discussion around resurrecting fragile legacy applications. ArtinSoft, a leader in VB6 to VB.NET and C# migrations, has helped numerous enterprise companies rescue their application investments. Migrating to VB.NET and C# is just the first step. ArtinSoft also converts applications to Silverlight, and, ultimately, to Windows Azure in the Cloud. Learn how you can save time and resources by watching this video interview.
Shawn Wildermuth and Tim Huckaby
December 7, 2010
Meet Shawn Wildermuth, President of Agilitrain, Inc, as he and Tim Huckaby discuss Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and HTML. Shawn (who Tim dubs the “King of Silverlight training”) chats about his Windows Phone 7 book (due in the first quarter of 2011) and explains why “Silverlight is about the apps, and HTML is about the web.”
Scott Guthrie and Tim Huckaby
November 16, 2010
Silverlight is alive and kicking! Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft and Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy, discuss the future of Silverlight and squash the internet rumors. Silverlight has had five major releases in the past two-and-a-half years and is featured in Windows Phone 7. Scott and Tim touch on the Silverlight parity between the phone and desktop, including implementation details such as independent animations.
Todd Anglin and Zain Naboulsi
October 6, 2010
Zain Naboulsi chats with Todd Anglin, Chief Evangelist from Telerik, about Silveright and Windows Phone 7. Tune in to find out why Todd thinks Windows Phone 7 is huge for developers and how he's bringing his Silverlight expertise to mobile.
Sara Ford and Zain Naboulsi
September 22, 2010
Sara Ford, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, chats about her humanitarian work and Visual Studio. Zain and Sara share some Visual Studio tips and bring to light Sara's personal record: 382 days straight of publishing a new Visual Studio tip per day. Now that's passion!
Tim Huckaby and Mike Benkovich
August 24, 2010
Join Mike Benkovich and Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy, as they discuss Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and developing apps for mobile devices.
Chip Aubry and Mike Benkovich
August 4, 2010
Mike Benkovich, Microsoft Senior Developer Evangelist, discusses Silverlight with Chip Aubry, Director of Technology for Tribal DDB. Learn how McDonalds, a DDB client, leverages Silverlight, along with Azure, when creating and hosting their promotions.
Boris Jabes and Zain Naboulsi
July 14 , 2010
Watch as Zain Naboulsi and Boris Jabes, Senior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft, discuss Visual C++ 2010. They cover ways to get more performance out of your applications, including Task Parallelism.
Richard Campbell and Mike Benkovich
June 30, 2010
Join Mike Benkovich as he talks with Richard Campbell, co-host of ".NET Rocks!," about the evolution of hardware and the possibilities it opens up for developers.

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