Chronorace - Cloud Computing Helps Business Offer Athletes Seamless Access to Race Results

ChronoRace electronically times competitors in sporting events and publishes the results on its website. But during large competitions, its web servers could not cope with the high volume of traffic. Working with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner RealDolmen, ChronoRace migrated to Windows Azure cloud services. The site now easily meets sudden peaks in demand and makes results available online immediately, enhancing the customer experience.

Belgium-based organisation ChronoRace offers an innovative service that transforms the experience of participants at sporting events. It electronically times competitors in races--including activities such as running, cycling, and sailing--and is involved in more than 350 competitions across Europe each year.

Large events, such as the Brussels 20 kilometre (km) run, can attract up to 30,000 competitors, so during the subscription period the ChronoRace website is placed under extreme pressure. Until recently, its web servers struggled to cope with the sudden surge in demand. Similarly, after the events--when competitors checked their results and viewed their finish videos--the number of requests often created severe challenges.

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