MSDN Flash: Volume 15, Number 9 - April 25, 2011
Editorial News and Notes from Developer Evangelist G. Andrew Duthie

My Faves from MIX11
Last week, I had the privilege of attending the MIX11 conference in Las Vegas, NV. As usual, it was a very busy week, with most of my time spent catching up with a variety of folks that I usually only see at conferences. So my time in sessions was limited, but I did of course catch both keynotes, and here's what caught my attention as a web geek:

  • IE 10 Platform Preview - Clearly the Internet Explorer team isn't content to rest with IE9's release. They're continuing the pace of releasing previews (you can always grab the latest at on a frequent basis to give web developers a sense of what's coming in the next version. The previews install quickly (less than 30 seconds on my machine) and side-by-side with your main version of IE.
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update - Released during MIX, this update to Visual Studio 2010 provides support for a number of nice features, including an updated project template for Intranet scenarios, supporting Windows Authentication, optional support for HTML5 semantic markup elements, built-in support for the modernizr.js feature detection library, and best of all, built-in support for scaffolding based on models in your application, using the excellent MvcScaffold library. From blank project to full CRUD application in a matter of minutes. Read more about the new features.
  • Mango, Mango, Mango! - Day 2 featured a lot of announcements about the next version of Windows Phone, codenamed Mango. Too many to call them all out here, but a particular favorite of mine was the announcement of the availability of SQL CE on the phone and support for LINQ queries on the phone. Both will significantly simplify life for developers. Expect the first public release of the updated developer tools for Mango sometime next month.

There's much more, but I'll limit my list to those items. If you missed MIX, you can find all the recorded sessions on Channel 9. Scott Hanselman has helpfully provided a tip for downloading all of the sessions via RSS, so you can grab everything at once via Zune, iTunes, or other readers supporting podcast enclosures in RSS.

MADExpo Speakers Announced!
I'm pleased to note that the Mid-Atlantic Developer Expo has published the initial list of speakers and sessions for the conference at Looks like a great lineup of talks!

If you register by April 30, you'll get $50 off the regular admission of $149. Two days of content, 3 keynotes, 72 breakouts, all for just US$99!

Upcoming Web Camps
You still have time to catch the last two 1-day Web Camps featuring myself and my fellow web geek Rachel Appel. We'll be talking about ASP.NET MVC 3 from beginning to end. Here's where we'll be and when:

Come and catch us if you can, and tell your friends, too!

Code Camp Announcements
A couple of upcoming code camps to be aware of:

So whether you're from the northern or southern part of Mid-Atlantic, we've got you covered.

And don't forget the Mid Atlantic Developer Expo, coming up June 30 - July 1.

Devhammer Live!
I'm doing a bunch of user group talks over the next few months, so if you'd like to see me present, check out the list below.

My next user group talk will be on Microsoft WebMatrix, IIS Express, and the new Razor syntax on the following date:

If you're interested in having me speak at your group, just drop me a line. I'm happy to give the above talk, or cover other web technologies you might be interested in.

Did I miss a code camp or other event? Let me know.


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Until next time...

G. Andrew Duthie
Developer Evangelist, Mid-Atlantic States District

Andrew Duthie has been working with computers since the days of the Commodore PET, hacking game programs loaded from cassette tapes to say funny stuff, and has been writing and speaking about developer technologies for more than a decade.


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