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Requesting and Using a Promo Code

To create a Microsoft HealthVault developer account, you need a promo code and a Windows Live ID. You can use an existing Windows Live ID, but we recommend that you create a different Live ID for your developer account, rather than using the one you use for any consumer products.

To create a developer account:

  1. Fill out the Promo code request form and then click Submit.
  2. On this form, you provide your e-mail address, name, and company (optional). When you click Submit, you receive an acknowledgment of your request (“Promo code requested.”).
  3. Within one business day, you receive two e-mail messages. One provides a link to the HealthVault Account Partner Sign-In page. The other provides your promo code and gives instructions similar to the instructions provided here.
  4. From the e-mail message “Microsoft HealthVault Beta sign up Web address,” copy and paste the link into your browser address bar, and then press Enter to go to the HealthVault Account Partner Sign-in page.
  5. On the HealthVault Account Partner Sign-in page, click Sign Up Now to create a new Windows Live ID account. As mentioned above, you can use an existing account, but we recommend that you create one to use just with your developer account.
  6. On the Do you have an e-mail address? page, select No, sign me up for a free MSN Hotmail e-mail address, and then click Continue.
  7. On the MSN Mail page, provide the requested information. Be sure to create a strong password.
  8. Read the Microsoft service agreement and the Microsoft online privacy agreement.
  9. Click I Accept to indicate your acceptance of the agreements.
  10. On the Tell us about yourself page, the e-mail address field is pre-filled with the address of the new Live ID account you just created. Delete the new e-mail address from the field and replace it with the address to which we sent the message containing the promo code.
  11. Provide the rest of the requested information, and type or copy and paste the promo code into Promo code field.
  12. Read the HealthVault user agreement and the privacy and security policy, and then click I Accept.

A HealthVault account page opens for the Windows Live ID identity you created. From here, you can create a record for this identity and records for other fictional family members to use as you develop your application.

Validating Your E-Mail Address

After setting up a new Live ID identity, you receive an e-mail message at the address you gave when you requested your promo code, asking you to validate the new e-mail address.

To validate the e-mail address:

  1. Copy and paste the link in the e-mail message into your browser, and then press Enter. 
  2. Sign in to your HealthVault account.

HealthVault thanks you for validating your e-mail address.