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Here you will find information on National Language Support (NLS) in Windows that allows you to create globalized applications using core foundational pieces such as locales, basic text enablement, date/time/calendar formatting, keyboard layouts, sorting behavior, and more.

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Steps to Tell If a Collation Version Has Changed Steps to Tell If a Collation Version Has Changed

Learn how to retrieve information about the current version of a specified NLS capability for a locale specified by name.

How to Make a Custom Locale How to Make a Custom Locale

Enable Global Apps with Locale Builder And Windows Vista.

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Windows Image Deployment and International Settings

Microsoft provides tools for changing international settings - language, locale, fonts and input settings - in a Windows image.

Windows Vista - International Settings Configuration Tool
Windows 7 - International Servicing Command-Line Options for the Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool.

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Additional Resources

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Beta 1): What is New in Globalization: Learn about the important changes to the Globalization services in .NET Framework 4 from earlier versions and how the globalization information retrieval mechanism is changing in the .NET Framework 4

Extend the reach of your global apps with Unicode 5.0:  Learn about the features of Unicode 5.0 and how they are implemented in Windows Vista.

Extend the reach of your global apps with .Net 2.0:  Learn about the globalization features of .Net 2.0 and how to utilize them to extend the global reach of your apps.

Develop apps for Windows 9X with MSLU:  Learn about the design criteria behind MSLU (Microsoft Layer for Unicode) and how to put the layer to work for you.

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World Clock with Silverlight/Virtual Earth
This sample app is a world clock build using Silverlight and Virtual Earth. It was created as a simple, but cool demo of Silverlight for global aware apps.

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Globalization in Silverlight
An overview of globalization considerations with Silverlight 2.0.