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You Are Not World-Ready If...

Your application is not mirroring aware

Introduced to handle the localization of Windows to Arabic and Hebrew (which display right-to-left), mirroring technology is implemented and available on all versions of Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista (including English).

To avoid flipped images or off-screen controls in your application after it is localized into Arabic or Hebrew, your code must be mirroring-aware.

flipped image

Rendering images and icons in a mirrored context requires special considerations in your core code depending on the nature of the image:

Direction-neutral images

Rendering these images flipped or not does not really matter.


Direction-sensitive images

Rendering these images flipped can alter their meaning or offend a trademark!


Context-dependent images

These images should be rendered flipped in a mirrored context.


Depending on your programming paradigm, activating mirroring during the localization of Arabic and Hebrew can have a different result on the way your images are rendered!

  • In Win32 programming model, images are by default always flipped in a mirrored context! Directional sensitive images should be programmatically un-flipped.
  • In web forms and HTML pages, stationary elements are never flipped! Context dependent images should be programmatically flipped.
  • In .NET Frameworks' Winforms, mirroring is not yet implemented and therefore images are not mirrored! Context dependent images should be programmatically flipped.

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