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Tools and Utilities

Here you'll find tools and utilities that may benefit your global development efforts.

Note: These tools and utilities are distributed "as is", with no technical support from Microsoft Corporation.




  • Microsoft Advanced Character Mapping Tool v1.0 for Traditional Chinese Windows

    Have you ever experienced difficulties when trying to find a character that Windows doesn’t seem to support? Ever wanted to be able to easily browse the newest character additions in Windows to find the characters you’ve been searching for? The Microsoft Advanced Character Mapping Tool helps users migrate from the proprietary solution to the Unicode standard, reducing the time and effort needed to find the correct Unicode value for a specific character. After filtering, users can easily find the correct mapping relationship, match the mapping, and export the mapping table. With over 100,000 Chinese characters in existence, this process makes it much easier to fulfill the needs of all Traditional Chinese Windows users around the world!

  • AppLocale

    Need to run legacy (code-page based) applications on your Windows XP or Server 2003, but don't want to change the system locale? Here's a new utility that saves you a reboot! The Microsoft AppLocale (or Application Locale) utility is a temporary solution to these limitations caused by non-Unicode applications running on the Unicode (UTF-16) based Windows XP. AppLocale detects the language of the legacy application and simulates a corresponding system locale for code-page to/from Unicode conversions.

    The AppLocale utility allows users to run a legacy application without changing to the code-page/system locale needed by that particular application. AppLocale emulates the code-page required by that legacy application without changing the machine's system locale. This emulation is only applied to the application that has been chosen during the AppLocale configuration wizard.


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