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Help with MSDN Subscriptions

Explore the help topics listed to the left for assistance with different aspects of your MSDN subscription. The following support options are available if you need additional assistance:

  • Customer Service: Use this option for assistance with your subscription status, purchasing/renewing, or have questions about your subscription benefits.
  • Technical support: Many MSDN subscriptions include technical support incidents as a benefit. Incidents can be used to:
    • Resolve technical break-fix issues in a non-production environment and are the equivalent of paid Professional support incidents.
    • Find a solution to a production issue that can be replicated in a non-production environment.
  • Help for other programs: If your MSDN subscription came through membership in Microsoft Partner Network, DreamSpark, or BizSpark, or you have an MCT Software & Services or MCT Developer Software & Services subscription, please contact the designated customer service team for assistance: