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Expression Web 4 Service Pack 1

Author: Steven Guttman

About the Author: Steven Guttman. Director of Product Management for Expression Web

Expression Web 4 Service Pack 1

Child fallen down a well? Crooks robbing the downtown bank? Juveniles beating up an old lady? Don’t worry! HTML 5 is here. It will save the day!

In a stunning (and unexpected) display of panache, in January the W3C unveiled a superhero-like logo for HTML5—designed to be used on lycra costumes, as well as web pages and applications that sport some kind of HTML5/CSS3 usage. Rectangles with sharp corners are now officially verboten…

And, just as well, because the Expression Web team is pleased to announce the availability of Expression Web SP1. SP1 is about HTML5. We’ve added IntelliSense for the complete HTML5 draft specification, full support in the CSS Properties palette, and support for selected CSS properties in the Style dialogs (like the Border Radius dialog below).

Quite honestly, we’ve got IntelliSense for properties that many browsers are only dreaming about supporting. But, the browsers are moving so quickly today that those properties may be available before you blink 5 times. Semantic HTML5 tags like <section>, <hgroup>, <footer> are now recognized and usable in Expression Web’s Design View, as well as the <canvas> tag. Note that you will still need to preview-in-browser to visualize most of the new CSS properties.

We’ve also got support for IE9, so that you can Snapshot your page and preview it directly within Expression Web. There are quite a few improvements in SuperPreview including rendering for Chrome (via our online service), ability to compare pages behind log-on screens and additional IE9 goodness.

We automatically look for Chrome, Safari and Opera and conveniently add them to the list of browsers you can use to preview.

We’ve updated our PHP support with hundreds of functions from PHP5, added a number of new niceties like “Open as PHP,” “Open folder in Windows Explorer,” “Copy File Path,” and others. We’ve also added IntelliSense for extended characters—so, as soon as you type a “&”—you’ll get a list of the HTML character entities that filters as you continue to type.

Expression Web 4 SP1 is available now via the Microsoft Download Center. It will also be auto-downloaded via Microsoft Update starting at the end of March for those subscribed.