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Tips & Tricks (Things you should know)

Tips & Tricks (Things you should know)

Some skills are just worth knowing!

Goal: During this short series you will get a foundation understanding of user controls; what they are, why they are useful, how to create, edit and re-use them. We will also cover user controls in more detail in later tutorials. You will also learn how to create and control transitions using Storyboards as well as how to use the gradient editor to create special effects such as realistic reflections. Each of the skills covered here is simple, but you'll see how each can bring its own power and flexibility to the overall design process.

Videos in this series:

01 - Creating User Controls
(4 minutes, 51 seconds)

06 - Adding Control States
(7 minutes, 28 seconds)

07 - Using Easing Functions
(7 minutes, 31 seconds)

08 - Using 3D Projections
(9 minutes, 45 seconds)