Dani Diaz 

MSDN Flash: Volume 13, Number 21 - October 12, 2009
Editorial News and Notes from Developer Evangelist Dani Diaz

Greetings, fellow geeks,

Fall is finally here and the Pennsylvania .NET community is back in full swing. Code Camp Philly 2009.2 is set for October 17th at the Fort Washington Campus of DeVry University. The Central Pennsylvania .NET users group is also hosting their annual Code Camp on December 5th in Harrisburg, PA. Details are still being worked out. Stay tuned for more details.

This is an exciting time to be a developer in the Microsoft ecosystem. I know that I am biased, but there are just so many exciting things available for developers. It's not just the many new technologies that I'm thrilled about, but also the way in which we are making them available. We have been in a "sparking" kind of mood lately. Months ago, we launched a program that enabled high school and college students to receive free copies of some of our software. This program is called DreamSpark. We also announced BizSpark, a program that gives startups free access to software for three years. Hundreds of startups have taken advantage of this program. Well, last week we added to our "Spark" series and announced WebsiteSpark, for professional Web developer and Web designers. If you are an independent Web developer or work for a small Web development company, WebsiteSpark might be right for you.

Embracing our geekiness,
Dani and David

As a consultant, Dani Diaz has served the roles of system architect, technical lead, developer and mentor on various large and small projects. He has worked on SOA-based applications, Web applications, Windows applications and mobile systems.


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