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Volume 19, Number 4 | February 24, 2015 
Top News Worldwide
Start building apps on the OneDrive platform with the new OneDrive API
March 3: Azure support for open source – Dave Chappell on what you need to know
Top 5 Reasons for Enterprise Developers to Embrace DevOps
Free eBook: BuildingCloud Apps withMicrosoft Azure
Sponsors: Telerik, and Red Gate Software
Telerik Developer Tools Release Webinar 24% of database devs don’t use source control. Do you?
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Build, run, and explore the potential of cloud-based computing at CloudFest
Through March 19, 2015, nationwide
Join us for a unique hands-on experience, where you will create a mobile app that leverages Microsoft Azure Mobile Services and Azure Websites. You’ll use Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio 2013 to build your solution, and store your source code and assets in Visual Studio Online.

Microsoft partners with Y Combinator – startups take notice!
Microsoft has long been committed to startups, and Y Combinator is one of the world’s leading accelerators. This partnership will support startups to define and scale their businesses quickly, focus on innovation, and develop differentiated products.

Build engaging iOS, Android, and Windows Apps with Azure Mobile Services
Services include:

• Broadcast push with customer segmentation
• Social integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google
• Enterprise Single Sign-On with Active Directory
• Gain insights with mobile analytics
• Integrate with SQL, Oracle, SAP, MongoDB
• Auto-Scale to millions of devices

What every programmer should know about compiler optimizations
Hadi Brais introduces the sophisticated optimization capabilities of the Visual C++ compiler, which enable programmers to write understandable, maintainable code without compromising performance.
Visual Studio 2015: Build better software with smart unit tests
Smart unit tests let you specify the intended behavior of software in terms of its source code, and use automated white-box code analysis in conjunction with a constraint solver to generate and maintain a compact suite of relevant tests with high coverage for your .NET code.

Building an enterprise search for .NET
Big data warehouses allow companies to store huge amounts of information, but the challenge is how to retrieve just a small and specific piece of it. With Elasticsearch, things get easier.

March 5: Developer Productivity: What’s New in C# 6
Learn how the latest features in C# can help you to be more productive and to write more precise constructs. MVP and best-selling author Bill Wagner and Microsoft Program Manager Anthony Green will show you how easy it is to diagnose and solve code issues. Register today.

March 12: Construct 2 Advanced Game Development
Build on the foundation of the Developing Games with Construct 2 course. Take a deeper look at behaviors and attributes, and learn to apply them to actual game projects. Include privacy and support settings, add a leaderboard, and more. Register today.

Getting started with VR for Windows Phone
Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jason Fox walks you through building a VR experience for Windows Phone. Use your working knowledge of Unity3D and Visual Studio to build Windows Phone apps. Get free tools for building apps – download Visual Studio Community 2013.

February 25: Practical Performance Tips to Make Your HTML/JavaScript Faster
If your apps and websites need speed, get practical guidelines, strategies, tips, and tricks, on February 25. Explore fundamentals of web performance, tools for monitoring and measuring JavaScript/HTML speed, and techniques to optimize media usage. Get a move on, with our expert instructors. Register today.

Azure: Machine Learning, Hadoop Storm, Cluster Scaling, Linux Support, Site Recovery and More
Scott Guthrie details an enormous number of new features and enhancements in Microsoft Azure.

Channel 9 Implements the Azure Machine Learning Recommendations API

Reporting enhancements for Windows Phone developers
We know having data as soon as possible is important to make decisions about your apps, so in this release, the Windows Phone download and in-app purchase reports have been optimized to deliver information faster.

Find Your Favorite Library for C++ in NuGet
Many of the top open source C++ libraries are in the NuGet gallery. Adding library packages from the NuGet gallery to your Visual Studio project is as easy as clicking one installation button. Take a look at what’s already available for C++ developers.

Marmalade offer
Want to take your games to Windows? Apply now, and if you qualify, you could reach a new audience of players in next to no time. Use any Marmalade license, including the free license to port your game to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.
Adding a Code Fix to Your Roslyn Analyzer
In the second part of Alex Turner's exploration of live code analyzers in the .NET Compiler Platform, he shows how to add a code fix provider to clean up errors found by the regex diagnostic analyzer presented in part 1.

Free eBook – Microsoft AzureEssentials: Fundamentals of Azure
Learn the fundamentals of Azure to start developing solutions right away. You’ll see how to create VMs and virtual networks, websites and storage accounts, as well as use common tools to create and manage Azure-based solutions.

Azure in Gaming Podcast
The Azure Podcast guys talk to Dave Voyles, a Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. In his travels, Dave spends time with game developers to help them leverage Microsoft technologies, including using Azure. Tune in to learn about future trends and mobile gaming.

March 24: Data on Azure – A Technology Overview
Enterprise developers, join us for an information-packed, hour-long session on Azure data offerings, led by David Chappell. Learn about running an ordinary DBMS in an Azure Virtual Machine, using the managed relational service provided by SQL Database, working with NoSQL services, and more.

New Ops and Dev training: End-to-end monitoring and insights for DevOps practices with APM
DevOps expert Morgan Webb details Application Insights and System Center Operations Manager and their Visual Studio integration. Get a full picture of Microsoft end-to-end monitoring options and our strategy for true hybrid cloud application monitoring. Join the conversation on Twitter with #TalkDevOps.

March 4: SQL, Python, and Flask
Go from “I’ve never coded” to “I can build a professional website,” on the Python and Flask path. Join us on March 4 for the third in a trilogy of practical Python and Flask courses. Learn to create, configure, and connect to SQL databases, plus lots more. Register today.

New Azure services help more people realize the possibilities of big data

MyShuttle demo applications [Visual Studio 2015 Preview - .NET 2015 Preview]
These apps are built by using most of the new technologies coming in Visual Studio 2015 Preview and .NET 2015, so there are many different projects for each app within several scenarios, covering web, services, and mobile apps for any device.

HTTP Strict Transport Security comes to Internet Explorer on Windows 10
HSTS policy protects against variants of man-in-the-middle attacks that can strip TLS out of communications with a server, leaving the user vulnerable. This change can be previewed using Internet Explorer in the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and will come to Project Spartan in a later update.

Unity Level 1/2 breadth developer offer
Build or port with Unity, then submit your beta or published game to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. Then get more out of your game with awesome benefits that can help get you and your app additional exposure to reach millions more.

Internet Explorer in the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones
In November, we revealed the new rendering engine for Internet Explorer and Project Spartan on Windows 10. Now we’re excited to bring this new rendering engine to phones for the first time with the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones.

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Get your code running in the cloud at a free Microsoft Cloud DevCamp
Through April 23, 2015, nationwide
Learn how to use Microsoft Azure features and services, including Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Websites to build and move apps to the cloud, including websites, mobile, and enterprise-class applications.
Develop fast, beautiful, and interactive websites
Through April 14, 2015, nationwide
Take your websites to the next level with the new release of ASP.NET and Web Tools for Visual Studio Community 2013. After you build a cutting-edge site, deploy and scale it quickly with Microsoft Azure . Want to learn how? Join us for a free, live WebCamp in your local area. Don t miss this free opportunity to sharpen your coding skills – regardless of which languages or platforms you use.
Go deep with the experts at Microsoft Ignite
May 4–8, 2015, Chicago, IL
Bring your toughest challenges to Chicago, May 4–8. Top minds will be ready. You’ll have access to deep-dive sessions, hands-on demos, labs, and on-site certification exams at half price – spanning developer topics and technologies. Check out the session catalog and get yourself registered.
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