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Volume 19, Number 8 | April 20, 2015 



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Build 2015


Prepare for Build by completing one of the MVA Know it. Prove it. challenges
Participate in this challenge track to keep up with the skills necessary to build and deploy new applications that span devices and services.


May 19–21: Explore the Universal Windows Platform
Engaging experts Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley return to show how Windows capabilities and social integration can help you create amazing experiences on devices running Windows 10. Each session lasts about 30 minutes, so you can join us for the topics that interest you most.


On demand: Develop Universal Windows apps with HTML and JavaScript
Get an introduction to universal apps, make tiles and splash screens, and learn how to bind data. Find out how to build for a multilingual audience, work with authentication scenarios, get your apps out to Windows devices, and more.
On demand: Develop Universal Windows Apps with Cortana and the Speech SDK
Explore the why and how of speech apps, tour Cortana, and review the capabilities of the Speech SDK. Work with speech synthesis, look at integrating Cortana into your app, check out voice commands, and find out how to build speech-enabled mobile apps.


On demand: Get Your Windows App to Market
Learn about a new pilot program that combines a free technical review with credit toward your MCSD: Windows Store Apps certification. Sneak a peek into the app review process, get tips on design and implementation, and take a look at common pitfalls and blockers.


Discover what you missed at Build
May 7
| May 14
Come learn about the Best of Build 2015, with highlights and information provided by the Build team.


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MSDN Subscriber Benefits


New software available for download


•  Windows Embedded Compact 2013 - February 2015
•  Windows Embedded Developer Update v1.2


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Local News


Get your code running in the cloud at a free Microsoft Cloud DevCamp
April 21, Portland, OR
Learn how to use Microsoft Azure features and services, including Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Websites to build and move apps to the cloud, including websites, mobile, and enterprise-class applications.


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Your Featured Content


Get your apps ready for Windows 10
With Windows 10 and Build right around the corner, there has never been a better time to update your Windows Phone Silverlight apps to Windows XAML. We’ll guide you through the process, and extend our gratitude in the form of a fantastic offer.


Connect to Office 365 from Android, iOS, and Windows apps
Android| iOS| Windows
Authentication is the first step for any app that uses an Office 365 service. These samples show you how to connect to Office 365 and make your first Office 365 API call to send an email from your mail account.

Watch a short video showing our Office 365 Connect Sample for Android in action.
Hook your Android app to Office 365 with the help of our code snippets
Office 365 code snippets for Android is a repository of code snippets that demonstrate how to work with Office 365 objects including mail, calendar, contacts, and files.


Visual C++ 2015 Brings Modern C++ to Legacy Code
Windows with C++ columnist Kenny Kerr dives into the topic of smart handle class templates and explores how to use modern C++ to enhance some old C-style libraries.



2D Drawing Techniques and Libraries for Web Games
High quality 2D graphics are the lifeblood of many web games. Michael Oneppo examines the technologies at play for web graphics and explores some libraries that make drawing for 2D games easier and faster.


Queryable Services
Organizations need to maintain the back-end business services they expose as plain HTTP endpoints. Using OData to implement queryable services on top of an ASP.NET Web API lets you give clients the flexibility to download only the fields in which they’re interested.


Add an amazing search experience to your apps and websites (April 23)
Find out how to add an amazing search experience to your apps and websites, and give your users the level of availability and efficiency they expect, with Azure Search. Join expert Liam Cavanagh on April 23 for cool details and fun demos.


Chef Provisioning to Azure Demo
Enjoy a demo-heavy interview with John Keiser (from Chef) on using the new Chef Provisioning capabilities to provision machines and applications to Microsoft Azure. John walks through all the steps you need to get this running yourself and provides helpful insights.


May 5: Exploring Microservices in Docker and Microsoft Azure
Get an in-depth look at a different way to architect, so you can update your site in milliseconds. See why microservices are key in the world of continuous delivery and DevOps. Get lots of practical guidance and learn from real-life examples.


Deep Dive Friday: Visual Studio 2015: Improving Code Quality (May 1)
Developing applications is about more than simply writing code that works. You need to ensure that applications can adapt to the changes in both features and dev teams they will undoubtedly face – changes that can pose maintainability challenges.


Deep Dive Friday: Visual Studio 2015: Debugging for the Win (May 22)
In the world of development, all too often code that 'worked on my machine' has an issue when moved to another. Visual Studio 2015 has the answers for these scenarios, and in this deep dive, we'll show you how.


On-demand training: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Want to build your Microsoft Azure skills and knowledge, and have fun doing it? The always-entertaining
Bob Taborwalks you through websites, storage and data, virtual machines, and more, in this free, on-demand series.
A Mobile-First Approach to Modern App Development
When it comes to mobile development, native apps have different development, architecture, and sometimes business requirements than web applications. Keep in mind such considerations as UI, navigation, power usage and scalability, and you’ll be ahead of the game.


Mark Russinovich @ ChefConf: “Have your bets on open paid off?”
Open source drives innovation over time. At ChefCon, the first week of April, Mark Russinovich joined leaders from Facebook and Gap, moderated by Cade Metz from Wired, to address the role of openness.


A Lap Around Azure Websites
Get a look at new features in Azure Websites, including WebJobs, added security, and simple authentication. Plus, explore supported languages, such as ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and more.


Free Microsoft Press Ebook: Managing Agile Open-Source Software Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Online
The ALM Rangers share best practices for solution requirements and shipping in an agile environment where transparency, simplicity, and trust prevail. The eBook is for teams and Scrum Masters who want to explore and learn from the authors’ “dogfooding” experiences.


Free Microsoft Press eBook: Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms, Preview Edition 2
This second Preview Edition by Charles Petzold includes 16 chapters about writing applications with Xamarin.Forms. Xamarin.Forms lets you to write shared user-interface code in C# and XAML that maps to native controls on iOS, Android, and Windows phones platforms.


Deep Dive Friday: Visual Studio 2015: Testing for Success (May 8)
It's a fact of application development life, though you've done a great job writing working code, bugs can still lurk in the hidden corners, and you need to find them before your users do. In this technical deep dive, we'll demonstrate a variety of key testing scenarios supported by Visual Studio 2015.


Deep Dive Friday: MSDN & Azure for Development and Testing Agility (May 29)
You need to support the challenges of agility and scale in your development and testing activities. How can you develop multiple application versions concurrently? How can you test at the scale demanded in production? How can you find answers quickly given accelerated timelines?


Maximize your development technology investment
April 23, 2015
May 11, 2015
May 19, 2015
June 11, 2015
In this brief overview session with live Q&A, we’ll update you with the latest on the Microsoft development ecosystem, demonstrating the value you can realize with Visual Studio 2015, MSDN, and more.



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You’re all invited: 2015 Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference, May 14–15
Register to attend this 2 day free virtual conference presented by MVPs, themed “The Power of Community”. With the Keynote session delivered by Steven Guggenheimer, learn the latest technology trends and grow your knowledge on IT Pro, Developer and Consumer topics. Join us!
Save the date! Tune in live to Ignite May 4–8
Get in on the visions of top Microsoft leaders during Microsoft Ignite keynotes and select sessions, May 4–8. Mark your calendar to hear what’s next in tech – live from Chicago.




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