The Microsoft journal for developersApril 2014 VOL 29 NO 4

Windows Store C++ for C# Developers: Understanding the Domain

Modern C++ offers power and performance for developing Windows Store applications, but a blizzard of information and disinformation can stymie C# developers. Bill Kratochvil helps you get started phasing in C++ components where they’ll be most useful.

Bill Kratochvil

Rachel AppelModern Apps
What’s New in Windows 8.1 for Windows Store Developers
Get the lowdown on better management of windows and tiles, new project templates, updated and new HTML and XAML controls, new networking and security APIs, and much more.
Rachel Appel


MVVM:   Multithreading and Dispatching in MVVM Applications
Laurent Bugnion explores a common scenario with the MVVM pattern in modern client applications—handling multiple threads and helping them communicate with each other.
Laurent Bugnion

Async Programming:   Patterns for Asynchronous MVVM Applications: Commands
In this second article in a series that looks at patterns for combining the async and await keywords with MVVM, Stephen Cleary shows how to develop an asynchronous implementation of ICommand.
Stephen Cleary

Windows Phone:   Build a Cross-Platform, Mobile Golf App Using C# and Xamarin
Golf season is here! Learn how to build a cross-platform mobile app (Windows Phone and iOS) that uses Windows Azure Mobile Services to track drives in a long drive contest.
Wallace B. McClure

Windows Phone:   Build an Advanced Camera App for Nokia Lumia Phones
Learn how to use the Nokia Imaging SDK to create enhanced photos through the use of multiple filters and effects as Rajesh Lal builds an advanced tilt-shift camera app.
Rajesh Lal

C#:   Using Survival Analysis
Survival analysis is a discipline in statistics that focuses on estimation of time to events. Typically applied in disciplines like drug research, engineering systems design and credit analytics, this feature shows how survival analysis can apply to software development.
Zvi Topol


Windows with C++
Using Databases on Windows Azure
First it was ODBC, then it was OLE DB, and more recently the relational data access technology favored by Microsoft has switched back to ODBC. But don't worry, Kenny Kerr explains how modern C++ makes it easy to use this older C-style API to access databases on Windows Azure.
Kenny Kerr

Data Points
Adding New Life to a 10-Year-Old ASP.NET Web Forms App
Legacy code: can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Julie Lerman figures out how to update an old ASP.NET WebForms app using Knockout.js and Breeze.
Julie Lerman

DirectX Factor
3D Transforms on 2D Bitmaps
Achieving fluency in 3D transforms is crucial if you want to become a 3D graphics programmer. Charles Petzold shows how you can explore them within the relative familiarity and comfort of Direct2D.
Charles Petzold

Don't Get Me Started
We Didn't Start Computing
Billy Joel's 1986 hit "We Didn't Start the Fire" inspires David Platt to stream a bit of consciousness of his own.
David Platt

Editor's Note
Survey Says
The 2013 MSDN Magazine Reader Survey offers an insightful snapshot of our readership and provides a glimpse of the trends shaping the dev space during a time of transition for Microsoft.
Michael Desmond