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t:END Attribute | end Property (deprecated)

This page documents a feature of HTML+TIME 1.0, which was released in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5. We recommend that you migrate your content to the latest version of HTML+TIME, which implements the SMIL 2.0 Working Draft. See the Introduction to HTML+TIME overview for more information.

Sets or gets a value indicating the end time for the element, or the end of the simple duration when the element is set to repeat.


XML<ELEMENT t:END = sTime... >
Scripting[ sTime = ] object.end

Possible Values

sTimeString that specifies or receives one of the following values.
Clock value described in Time Formats, such as h:min:s.f.
Element remains active on the timeline for an indefinite amount of time.

The property is read/write. The property has no default value.


The t:END attribute represents an absolute value along the parent element timeline, starting at zero seconds. In contrast, the t:DUR attribute represents a value relative to the value of the element's t:BEGIN attribute. Do not use the t:END attribute on the same element as the t:DUR attribute.

You must prefix the attribute with the t: namespace.


This example uses the t:END attribute to display three lines of text, each with its own start time, but all with the same end time.

  .time  {behavior:url(#default#time);}
<BODY BGCOLOR="white">
<SPAN CLASS="time" STYLE="COLOR:Red;" t:BEGIN="0" t:END="10"
    <H3>Paragraph 1</H3>
    <P>This is paragraph number one. It is displayed as soon as 
	the page is loaded.</P>
<SPAN CLASS="time" STYLE="COLOR:Blue;" t:BEGIN="3" t:END="10"
    <H3>Paragraph 2</H3>
    <P>This is paragraph number two. It is displayed three seconds 
	after the page is loaded.</P>
<SPAN CLASS="time" STYLE="COLOR:Green;" t:BEGIN="6" t:END="10"
    <H3>Paragraph 3</H3>
    <P>This is paragraph number three. It is displayed six seconds 
	after the page is loaded.</P>
<P>The preceding paragraphs have different start times, but they
all have an end value of ten. Therefore, all three paragraphs will
disappear when the timeline reaches ten seconds.</P>

Code example:

Applies To

t:AUDIO, t:IMG, t:MEDIA, t:PAR, t:SEQ, time, t:VIDEO

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