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Should You Be Looking for Trends in Microsoft Stories?
This last week or two has seen a number of interesting stories come out of Microsoft (some official, some not official), especially as it relates to developers and writing code. While I am sure that t... more
Monday, Aug 9 (Shawn Wildermuth)
How We Used Data in
URL: As many of you may have heard, I recently launched as a new web site for creating and taking quizzes. The Data Team at Micr... more
Monday, Jul 19 (Shawn Wildermuth)
URL: So my blog has been pretty quiet lately and I thought I'd let you know why. With a small team, I've been building Several months ago I was working with a clie... more
Friday, Jun 4 (Shawn Wildermuth)
The Busy Developer's Guide to SQL Server Modeling
URL: As my continued facination with all things SQL Server Modeling related, I was tasked with writing a short article on the introduction of the basics o... more
Thursday, Mar 11 (Shawn Wildermuth)
WCF Data Services and jQuery
URL:'d recently been asked by Chris Sells to help him with a simple WCF Data Services/jQuery example so I thought I'd share it via my blog as well. ... more
Tuesday, Feb 23 (Shawn Wildermuth)
The State of Data Access in Silverlight
I've said much about my opinion of Silverlight data access. Currently this is Web Services, WCF Data Services and WCF RIA Services. Let's talk about Data Services and RIA Services and how they are rel... more
Sunday, Feb 21 (Shawn Wildermuth)
Are ORMs Solving Anything?
I like to write blog posts where I offer some pragmatic advice. In most posts I try to include tons of code samples and example projects...but this post is different. I am trying to get my head arou... more
Monday, Jan 18 (Shawn Wildermuth)
What Do We Want in Silverlight Validation?
URL: As I've been on the mend lately, i've been looking deep into how Validation should work in Silverlight. As I am trying to expand some of hte validation scenarios in Si... more
Monday, Oct 5 (Shawn Wildermuth)
How Silverlight 3 Validation Works
As RIA Services is plodding towards a release, many people are looking at it to help them with validation of data in Silverlight. Using this validation in Silverlight 3 is pretty straightforward but t... more
Sunday, Sep 27 (Shawn Wildermuth)
ADO.NET Data Services 1.5 Feature: Projections
If you've been following my blog, you should know that I am keeping a pretty close watch on ADO.NET Data Services. The team recently released a second CTP of the new version with some interesting feat... more
Wednesday, Sep 9 (Shawn Wildermuth)
RIA Services, Silverlight and MVVM
URL: I've finally had a chance to take a look at the July CTP of RIA Services. My opinion is mixed, but its still pretty early. I ran through the sim... more
Tuesday, Aug 4 (Shawn Wildermuth)
Entity Framework Samples now in Visual Basic
URL: My friend Jim Wooley has been doing some work with the Entity Framework team to help them get their examples into Visual Basic. The first of th... more
Friday, May 22 (Shawn Wildermuth)
Entity Framework Model Generation with TPH Detection
URL: One of my favorite patterns in the Entity Framework is a smarter way to use discriminators for data in a database. Using Tables per Hierarchy (T... more
Friday, Apr 3 (Shawn Wildermuth)
Using LinqPad and Entity Framework Models
URL: Pardon the link post, but this is a great short walk-through of using LinqPad to execute EF queries against your own model. Great for testing qu... more
Saturday, Jan 24 (Shawn Wildermuth)
See my Silverlight Data Access Talk from DevReach
URL: If you missed me in Bulgaria's DevReach conference, the video of my Silverlight Data Access talk is now available. The original talk's descript... more
Monday, Jan 12 (Shawn Wildermuth)
Caution when Eager Loading in the Entity Framework
URL: UPDATE: Roger Jennings correctly stated, I meant to say that Include is *not* a guarantee. When I am using the Entity Framework for a project, I have ... more
Sunday, Dec 28 (Shawn Wildermuth)
ADO.NET Data Services for Multiple Databases?
This all started with an innocent question by Bob Archer on Twitter. Bob wondered whether he could use ADO.NET Data Services in an application that was being touted as "Software as a Service" (SaaS). ... more
Monday, Dec 15 (Shawn Wildermuth)
New Silverlight 2 ADO.NET Data Service Example
URL: I've finally had a chance to update my Silverlight 2-ADO.NET Data Services example. In this new sample I show how to create a Line-of-Business application (an XBox ... more
Saturday, Nov 8 (Shawn Wildermuth)
SilverlightData Examples - Coming Soon
URL: For the last few iterations of Silverlight 2 I've been keeping some data-driven examples on my sister site: Since Silverlight 2 was release... more
Friday, Nov 7 (Shawn Wildermuth)
Updating My Sites to Silverlight 2 RTW
I've started updating my sites that use Silverlight 2 to the RTW bits. So far I've got and updated. will have to wait a few days as I have a co... more
Tuesday, Oct 14 (Shawn Wildermuth)
Silverlight and ADO.NET Data Service Operations
In building my Silverlight RC example using ADO.NET Data Services for Entity Framework and NHibernate I ran into what I think is a common pattern. I am writing an editor for XBox game data. The model... more
Wednesday, Oct 1 (Shawn Wildermuth)
My Silverlight 2 Data Services Article Code Updated
URL: I've uploaded a new version of my code from my Silverlight 2/Data Services MSDN Article. I took the new Silverlight 2 Data Services client that... more
Thursday, Sep 4 (Shawn Wildermuth)
Caveats About My Silverlight 2 Data Services Article
URL: As some of you may have seen, my new article in MSDN Magazine (and online) was recently published. Because we're in a bit of a no-mans-land wit... more
Monday, Sep 1 (Shawn Wildermuth)
The Fable of the Perfect ORM
Data is a funny business. While at the moment I am spending a lot of time teaching Silverlight, my passion still lives in the data. I was brought up on Minisystems (Multi-user CP/M and the like) wher... more
Saturday, Aug 30 (Shawn Wildermuth)
VS 2008 SP1 RTM + Silverlight 2 Beta 2 == No ADO.NET Data Services
URL: UPDATE: This may be incorrect. I am working with Microsoft to understand if I got this wrong. I'll update this blog once I get the story righ... more
Monday, Aug 11 (Shawn Wildermuth)