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Download and Install WCF Data Services and OData Libraries

NuGet Packages

WCF Data Services now ships separately from the .NET Framework. The official binaries are distributed through NuGet, a package management platform for .NET applications.

WCF Data Services Server (Microsoft.Data.Services)

WCF Data Services provides a fully-featured server API for responding to OData queries and consuming/producing OData payloads. This NuGet package provides a server implementation of OData v3.

WCF Data Services Client (Microsoft.Data.Services.Client

Similar to the server API, WCF Data Services provides a robust client API for consuming OData services. The client API also has an embedded LINQ provider to simplify construction of OData queries. This NuGet package provides a client framework that is capable of consuming OData v3 services.

ODataLib (Microsoft.Data.OData)

ODataLib is a low-level library optimized for serializing and deserializing OData streams. ODataLib is one of the fundamental building blocks used in WCF Data Services, Web API and other OData-enabled platforms.

EdmLib (Microsoft.Data.Edm)

EdmLib is a low-level library optimized for serializing and deserializing Entity Data Models (EDM). EdmLib is one of the fundamental building blocks used in WCF Data Services, Web API and other OData-enabled platforms.


data.js is a cross-browser JavaScript library that enables data-centric Web applications by leveraging modern protocols such as JSON, OData and HTML5-enabled browser features. data.js currently has support for OData v2 and is currently being upgraded to provide support for OData v3.

Tooling Installers

The Add Service Reference experience in Visual Studio makes it very easy to generate proxy classes for calling OData services. Tooling for Visual Studio 2012 adds a reference to the appropriate NuGet packages.

Windows Store Apps

The WCF Data Services tooling for Windows Store apps enables developers to generate

Windows Phone 7 (Visual Studio 2010)

The Windows Phone 7 SDK has native support for building OData clients.

Other OData Libraries

In addition to the NuGet libraries, there are OData libraries available for a number of other platforms.
  • OData4J

    odata4j is an open-source toolkit for building first-class OData producers and first-class OData consumers in Java. The consumer examples also work on Android.

  • JayData

    JayData is the unified data access library for JavaScript developers to query and update data from different sources like WebSQL, IndexedDB, OData, Facebook or YQL.

  • OData SDK for PHP (client only)

    The OData SDK for PHP enables PHP developers to access data services that use the OData protocol.

  • Ruby_OData (client only)

    The ruby_odata library allows Ruby applications to act as a consumer of OData services.

  • OData Producer Library for PHP (server only)

    The OData Producer Library for PHP is a server library that allows you to expose data sources by using OData. The OData Producer supports all read operations specified in OData v2.

  • MySQL OData (server only)

    MySQL OData is a PHP-based MySQL OData Server library which exposes all data within a MySQL database to the world in OData ATOM or JSON format.

  • OData Client for Objective-C (client only)

    This library makes it easy for iOS app developers to interact with data in any OData-compliant web service. It supports metadata-aware client-side code generation and full CRUD with query.

  • Other Libraries

    OData libraries for other platforms can be found at the official OData list of libraries.

.NET Framework

Previously releases of WCF Data Services have been included in the .NET Framework. The releases of WCF Data Services in .NET support OData v1 and v2 and have been superseded by the NuGet packages.

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