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The material on this page is out of date. For the latest information on SQL Server Modeling-related technologies, i.e. “M”, “Quadrant”, SQL Server Modeling Services and the Repository, read this update.

Microsoft code name "Quadrant" is...

...a new tool for interacting with data in SQL Server and SQL Azure databases. "Quadrant's" ability to browse and edit relational data extends to entity model data. Through composable and customizable viewers, "Quadrant" enables a much more productive level of interaction with the database, as well as rapid development of applications..

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"Quadrant" Highlights


Updated SQL Server Modeling November 2009 CTP (Release 3)
The SQL Server Modeling CTP includes updated "M" language tools, "Quadrant" for viewing and editing data, and SQL Server Modeling Services (formerly referred to... more
Monday, Nov 16
Design-Time Code Generation and Runtime Model-Driven Generation
In this article, Rocky Lhotka compares two approaches the creation of application assets: code generation at design time and runtime generation of assets based on metadata. He also... more
Sunday, Apr 18
Deep Fried Bytes: Talking SQL Server Modeling and OData with Doug Purdy
In this episode, Keith and Woody sit down at PDC 2009 with Microsoft’s Douglas Purdy to discuss all things data, including SQL Server Modeling and the Open Data Protocol (OData)
Friday, Feb 5
RouterManager for WCF in .NET 4 using the SQL Server Modeling CTP--Part 2
The RouterManager sample uses the recently released SQL Server Modeling CTP and the new WCF Routing Service in .NET 4 to show how to do model driven content based message routing. ... more
Wednesday, Jan 13

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